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Revvv 02-04-2013 22:53

up close and personal
I'm looking at investing in a pocket sized carry gun. What are you carrying and/or recommend?

rednoved 02-04-2013 22:59

I have an LCP for a pocket gun. I like it.

RJ's Guns 02-04-2013 23:04

How much do you want to spend?
A Seecamp 380 fits in a pocket
A Rohrbaugh R9s is the smallest 9mm


concretefuzzynuts 02-04-2013 23:10

I have big hands and prefer the LCR. Maybe 1 or 2 less rounds but it doesn't get lost in my hand. It fits in the type of pockets I have because I buy pants and shorts with large pockets.

Revvv 02-04-2013 23:12


Originally Posted by RJ's Guns (Post 19950651)
How much do you want to spend?
A Seecamp 380 fits in a pocket
A Rohrbaugh R9s is the smallest 9mm


I never worry about cost when it could possibly cost my life.

VA27 02-04-2013 23:16

Take a look at the Micro Desert Eagle. Barely larger than the Seecamp, very accurate.

ArmoryDoc 02-04-2013 23:22

Sig P938 9mm for me.

ronin.45 02-04-2013 23:31

My deep concealment gun is a beretta 21. Hides very easily and light enough to forget about. I'm looking forward to the Heizer Defense if it proves itself upon release.

Kalmah 02-05-2013 00:58

I pocket carry a Kahr PM9 almost every day. I love it.

Berto 02-05-2013 03:31

I own a Bodyguard .380 and like it, but 99% of the time it's a J frame snubby .38sp;

It's small enough to carry in a pocket all day, reliable for any imaginable application and fires a good round with a heavy bullet. With any practice, you hit better at extended ranges and reload just as fast as most tiny autos too.
If it's too big, then the .380 goes.

Bren 02-05-2013 04:56

I carry a Kel Tec P3AT when I need a real "pocket" gun. I also sometimes pocket carry a S&W 637 or Walther PPK/S.

Alliance50 02-05-2013 05:30

I think the springfield XD-S in 45 acp makes a good pocket carry. I know a lot will disagree but hey I tried it and it works great.:wavey:

M2 Carbine 02-05-2013 06:34

My first preference is the Ruger LC9, or S&W 2 inch J frame, both with lasers. Mostly though both are just a little too large for my pockets.

I usually pocket carry the Ruger LCP/Crimson Trace laser.

These all work OK for pocket carry and sometimes I'll just grab one of them.

Beretta 21 (22LR) or Beretta MINX (22 Short).

Micro Desert Eagle.

Kel Tec .380 or 32.

North American 22 Mag revolver.

collim1 02-05-2013 08:25

I am not a big fan of pocket semi-autos. I personally have carried a S&W 442 for many years. It has served as BUG on my ankle, pocket carry, and as a light belt gun.

If I had to pick a semi auto for pocket carry it would be a Sig P238. My dad has one and it has impressed me much more than any other semi auto pocket gun I have shot.

G23c 02-05-2013 09:56

I don't usually pocket carry, but I have my G27 with me, i like it.

gunsmoke92 02-05-2013 11:08

Get a J frame and don't look back. It will be the best choice you've ever made. They're accurate, reliable, reliable, and, did I mention reliable. Five shots, add two 6 round speed strips, you're pack'in 17 rounds in your pocket. If that's not enough ammunition, you're living in the wrong neighborhood. :whistling:

Good Luck and good shooting.

Travclem 02-05-2013 11:14

S&w 642

Bob Hafler 02-05-2013 11:50

I CC a PM9, but for true up close and personal pocket carry I think the best value, and most reliable would be the KelTec P3at or the Ruger LCP. There both pistols that you can actually but in your pocket and do everything from sitting and watching TV, to playing with your kids in the yard, to painting the house in total comfort. Once broken in they can be as reliable as any gun you own. I can honestly say my P3at has out performed all my expectations when it comes to value, reliability, and safety.

Rustin 02-05-2013 12:20

A small, lightweight revolver is much better suited to this type of carry, and all deep concealment roles.

The revolver, due to it's shape, is easier to conceal and much easier to grasp in a deep concealment role. 5 shots NOW is better than 7 shots two seconds from NOW. The small autos can be finicky. 5 shots for sure is better than 7 maybe. Need to fire it from the pocket? Only a revolver will offer more than one shot in this situation. I wouldn't go smaller than a shield/Xds sized gun, and those are belt guns to me.

Ruger LCR has an AMAZING trigger. S&W 642 is an undeniable classic. Get em' with crimson trace grips, 135 gr +p gold dots, some speed strips and your GTG!

nathanours 02-05-2013 12:25

Sig 938 for sure. I like it better than my 642 because it carries more rounds (8 compared to 5), the rounds are more powerful (9mm vs 38 special), the trigger makes it easier to shoot well, the sights are much better (they come with night sights as well), and it is smaller.

Mine has been 100% reliable with every sort of ammo I've thrown at it including 115 gr WWB and 147 gr Federal HST +p.

Tired Retired 02-05-2013 14:33

Beretta Nano.

While I purchased it as a summer pistol. I have found that I always have it in my pocket or IWB when I leave the house.

fastbolt 02-05-2013 15:58


Originally Posted by Revvv (Post 19950630)
I'm looking at investing in a pocket sized carry gun. What are you carrying ... ?

For pocket holster carry I've usually gone with one or another of my J-frames. I have 7 of them, and 5 of them have lightweight frames (Airweights and a couple of M&P 340's).

Why? Because I can shoot them reasonably well, being a long time revolver shooter.

For those times when even a J-frame won't really work well with my clothing choices ? I've started using a LCP. (The first .380 I've owned and carried in at least 25 years, with my previous one being a Beretta M84 I sold off years ago).

I've carried my Glock 26/27's, Ruger SP101DAO, CS9, SW999c, etc in pocket holsters when wearing some of my jackets & coats, but for the most part they're wither too large and/or heavy for typical pocket-holster carry ... for me and my perceived needs and preferences. I know guys who feel otherwise.


Originally Posted by Revvv (Post 19950630)
...or recommend?

I try to avoid making recommendations to folks regarding off-duty/secondary or CCW/retirement weapons.

Why? Because what works well for me might not do so for someone else.

Also, I prefer to be able to work with someone on a range, so I can assess their skillset and abilities to use small handguns before offering suggestions of what I think they may want to look at while deciding.

I've been asked this question a lot over the years of having worked as a firearms instructor. I usually try to arrange for the person asking the question to try (on the range) representative examples of whatever he/she is considering, or may be curious about, if possible. Let them decide for themselves.

I may offer some occasional insights, observations or explanations of features, functioning, operation, shooting technique adaptations, etc ... but I prefer people take more of an active role in deciding for themselves what they're going to spend their money on and carry as dedicated defensive weapons.

Not everyone is able to safely, confidently, accurately & effectively manipulate and shoot smaller "pocket guns" as well as larger handguns. Some have a hard enough time as it is with full-size handguns.

Then, there's consideration of being able to employ the pocket-holster carry method in a safe, practical and effective manner, depending on the individual and his/her clothing choices, daily activities, etc.

bmoore 02-05-2013 16:13

Smith 642/442.

bigtimelarry 02-05-2013 16:21

Ruger LCP380 for sure.

countrygun 02-05-2013 16:22


Originally Posted by Alliance50 (Post 19950971)
I think the springfield XD-S in 45 acp makes a good pocket carry. I know a lot will disagree but hey I tried it and it works great.:wavey:

I can't see "pocket carry" as working for me but if it did my XDS would be the way I'd go.

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