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s&wfan 02-02-2013 20:04

Chris Kyle murdered

This sucks.

AK_Stick 02-02-2013 20:06

What a shame. Good man.

Billua 02-02-2013 20:07


Originally Posted by s&wfan (Post 19942590)

Just Damn..

May you RIP Chris. You were a great American.

Armedleprechaun 02-02-2013 20:10

Just heard the news... :crying:May he rest in peace.

countrygun 02-02-2013 20:12


There just aren't words. My wife just finished his book a couple of days ago and was telling my how much she admired him, I was in complete agreement.

seanmac45 02-02-2013 20:12

It will be interesting to see what the full story is................

Godspeed to him, he served his country well.

Johnspark 02-02-2013 20:14

WTF? Over?

MtBaldy 02-02-2013 20:16

That's awful. RIP Chris. Hope they find the waste of air that did it quickly and put him away for life.

RussP 02-02-2013 20:20


Originally Posted by seanmac45 (Post 19942619)
It will be interesting to see what the full story is................

Godspeed to him, he served his country well.

Yep, and true...

Magnus2131 02-02-2013 20:20

Wow, just now hearing this.

wlkjr 02-02-2013 20:23

Reckon he was assassinated?

AK_Stick 02-02-2013 20:24

Assassinated? No, no real reason to assassinate a retired mil guy.

sum-dum-guy 02-02-2013 20:25

RIP. I just read his book a week ago. Another hero down

GVFlyer 02-02-2013 20:29

Diesel McBadass 02-02-2013 20:30

rest in peace

HiddenEyes 02-02-2013 20:32

Maybe there were some terrorists that didn't like The Devil of Ramadi :dunno:

Sounds like they have a suspect in custody already, should be really interesting.

Mr. HE:cool:

elliotb33 02-02-2013 20:35

Wow, just started to read book. Rip.

pesticidal 02-02-2013 20:41

RIP, Chris.

I fear now the libs will take advantage of the lines we use about no mass murders at shooting ranges.

frank4570 02-02-2013 20:41

Holy cow. What the heck happened?

Ruggles 02-02-2013 20:41


Sucks....Hope the killer drops lots of soap in the shower before he is executed.

infantrylife 02-02-2013 21:01

RIP brother! Prayers to family and friends.

TSAX 02-02-2013 21:02

Prayers for his family and loved ones


ray9898 02-02-2013 21:02

Reports are it was a fellow veteran.

Indianashooter 02-02-2013 21:06

Just heard about this about 15 minutes ago. I was totally shocked. He was a true living legend and will be sorely missed. RIP

Tiro Fijo 02-02-2013 21:09

Suspect in custody in Lancaster according to sources:

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