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DSRTEAGLE357 02-01-2013 18:14

+p ammo
Can i shoot it in my Glocks? seems like there are a lot of different answers. What is THE answer? can i shoot +P ammo in my Glock 21 and my Glock 30sf?

Bigpoppie50 02-01-2013 18:35

Yes you can.

Saugus 02-01-2013 18:59

Yes, no problem at all.

gunowner1 02-01-2013 22:11

Shoot all you want.

LASTRESORT20 02-01-2013 22:33

No worries with Glock & +P

PettyOfficer 02-01-2013 23:20

I have a G30 and my carry ammo is RA45TP (230gr Winchester Ranger T +P) and it shoots beautifully... Never had a problem!

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JackMac 02-02-2013 12:34

Won't hurt a thing. I've even put +p+ through my 19 with no problem. Don't plan to do that often as the recoil is a bit more hefty.

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