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G17Jake 01-30-2013 19:44

Byron Ferguson Ultimate Archer
This guy shoots moving objects out of the air with a longbow.

His wife must trust him because she is down range throwing the objects

6:20 he starts shooting tennis balls.

9:30 he shoots an aspirin.

Wyoming 01-30-2013 20:48

Byron Nelson is a regular on "Impossible Shots". When you realize the he doesn't have any sights, red dots or other aids he is truly impressive.

Krigloch 01-30-2013 21:02

"All new, Hairy Bikers!!!"

frank4570 01-30-2013 21:05

I shoot longbow and have his book. He is pretty awesome. He is just like Jerry Mickulek, one of those very rare people with an incredible natural ability.

BamaBud 01-30-2013 21:27

Awww. Just the second best archer from Alabama.

Byron Ferguson follows in the footsteps of Howard Hill.

Two Good Ol' Boys from Alabama!!

Big Bird 01-30-2013 21:37

Byron is a great shot and a really nice guy.

But Howard Hill was THE man with a longbow. Not only did Howard do all the trick shooting that Byron did but he also was an honest to goodness world champion target shot and a highly accomplished big game shot as well.

I love shooting traditional bows and especially love Hill style longbows. It takes practice but its not hard. It takes about as much skill as throwing a baseball well if you think about it. Not that throwing a baseball accurately is easy. But if you practice enough you can do it--and nobody puts sights on a baseball.

There are some good vids of Howard on Youtube.

byf43 01-31-2013 06:04

Heck of a shot with a longbow, that's for sure!!!!!


Saw him on "Impossible Shots", doing a 100 yard shot, and hit the CAMERA, straight through the lens!!!!!!!

ETA: The camera that was shot 'through the lens' was (of course) mounted on a tripod, and remotely operated!!

ThatGuyDave 01-31-2013 06:15

That's awesome!

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kensb2 01-31-2013 06:33

Simply amazing!

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