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Captain Ron 01-30-2013 10:57

Read the Letter 1,100 Green Berets Signed for Protection of the 2nd Amendme
Read the Letter 1,100 Green Berets Signed for Protection of the 2nd Amendment

janice6 01-30-2013 11:33

Good read.

WT 01-30-2013 11:45

Good read.

A friend of mine is former Special Forces. He recently picked up his family and moved to a town in the mountains in the middle of nowhere. I guess this is an example of trouble avoidance.

Knighj1 01-30-2013 11:45


Fox 01-30-2013 12:17

Most combat arms troops are pro-2nd Amendment.

K.Kiser 01-30-2013 12:29

One of the crappy side effects of the current administration is that any opinion held by our military and working class is overlooked, null and void...

pizza_pablo 01-30-2013 13:30

good stuff! I'm afraid it will do nothing, tho. You can't combat Tyranny that uses emotion, to get its way, with common sense and logic.

Here is another good one, I have not seen on GT, yet

nikerret 01-30-2013 13:32

They will be mostly ignored, as are the rest of us. They used reason and logic.

Buki192327 01-30-2013 14:06

The politicians, will never listen to the reasoning and logic of the people who put them in office.

janice6 01-30-2013 14:17

How soon before the Government starts an effort to discredit them and their service, for contradicting their "superiors".

rick458 01-30-2013 15:32

That was the clearest, best defined argument for the 2nd Amendment I have ever read

itisbruno 01-30-2013 15:52

Thanks for the read!

fnfalman 01-30-2013 15:54

Too bad the generals don't feel the same way.

itstime 01-30-2013 15:59

I thank their service and common sense.

Bruce M 01-30-2013 16:32

I thought they were training to get ready to fast rope out of the Blackhawks downtown so they could seize our guns :whistling:

stevelyn 01-30-2013 20:24

Does anyone remember The Resistor newsletter and Special Forces Underground created by the 94 AWB during the Klintoon years?

Kcolg 01-30-2013 22:42

Take note and re-vote when the time comes.

BEER 01-30-2013 22:55

isn't there a select few of the armed forces called "the oath keepers" or something like that for this very situation? where are they right now?

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