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nice shot 01-23-2013 17:52

New from Texas
Hey y'all. New guys here from Texas. Recently purchased a G17 as an off duty carry gun. Got it through the blue label program. Needless to say, I fell in love with it instantly.

5 years federal law enforcement, 4 years USAF SF, and a total of 9 years military.

I'm one of those weird, pro freedom, libertarian, Christians who thinks the gov. has gotten out of hand... Hopefully I'm among peers here.

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mymini40 01-24-2013 15:52

Welcome to the forum!

ca survivor 01-24-2013 15:53


nice shot 01-24-2013 15:59

Thanks guys

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skeeter7 01-24-2013 17:01


RPVG 01-24-2013 18:15

Welcome aboard!

bear62 01-24-2013 18:35

Well aboard......... :wavey:

bac1023 01-24-2013 19:04


oily_oink 02-16-2013 11:53

:welcome: From Michigan!

dling 02-16-2013 14:51

Welcome from Arizona.

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