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GroundtheGear 01-22-2013 16:08

The GlockStore
Anyone know whats going on with the GlockStore? I placed an order on the 14th of this month(just a few small parts and a tool, no mags) and the order shows pending. I've tried calling since the 14th & get a busy signal or it just keeps ringing w/no answer! Left 4-5 messages on the pop-up leave message on order screen with no return. Called Brownells today 1 call placed order said order will be out by the end of this week! I know things are crazy lately but thumbs up to Bownells customer service and line of communication!

SJ 40 01-22-2013 18:42

Not sure about the Glock store other than the insanity,Brownells has always been top shelf although I would expect it to have a effect on all suppliers. SJ 40

Riverkilt 01-25-2013 23:39

Lenny just put up a notice that things are going slow for shipping at the Glockstore but he hasn't said anything about what you - and I - have experienced...TOTAL CUSTOMER NO-SERVICE. Website doesn't work all the time..drop downs won't work. I have a question on the red Heavy Extended Aluminum Magazine Base Plate and he's the only one that sells them. HOW do they attach to the they replace the old base plate. Website doesn't say. But, like the OP i get either constant ring with no answer or constant busy signal on the phone. I can't even find a local Sandy Eggo number to call its all through the NON-WORKING 800 number. Emails have all gone unanswered for two weeks. Their send us a message thingie also goes unanswered for two weeks. As bad as I want that product of theirs I'm friggin' afraid to order it for fear they don't really have any and are too busy doing whatever to even fill the order and ship it. With jobs short you'd think they'd hire some more staff, put on another shift, instead of just not responding to prospective customers. A far different presentation than all his cheery little videos about all his wonderful products. Methinks we're seeing the real Glockstore right now and its left a VERY VERY sour taste in my mouth. I hope they're making a lot of money from the hoarders because I think they've lost a LOT of regular and new customers.

GroundtheGear 01-27-2013 00:50

The GlockStore
I understand with being slow, I can even go without the order for some time. But what I cant stand for is the lack of courtesy on some type of communication! I want to cancel my still pending order but cant get in touch with anyone at the glockstore. I think you are right with seeing the true Lenny!

GunHo198 01-27-2013 01:13

Thanks for the heads up. I was going to order a front site tool but I think I'll pick one up at the next gunshow in person.

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cola490 01-27-2013 06:20

I have orders into the Glockstore and Glockmeister, Glockmeister sends emails every so often asking for patience and saying thanks for the order, not a word from Glockstore.
Even during the best of times Glocstore's habit of not listing items that will be backordered on the website is annoying.

Lenny makes nice videos but his customer service is very poor.

Threefoot 01-27-2013 07:35

All this echoes my first and only experience of ordering from glockstore.

To help set some of you at ease, all ended well when I finally received the balance of my order on Friday 1/25.

I placed my order on December 29. I did not receive an order confirmation.

I realized gun and ammo related places have been crazy swamped so I was patient. Though after a couple weeks of nothing I logged into their site and saw my order was PENDING. I sent an email through their popup message system and.... No response. A couple days later tried to call and call and call. BUSY signal. I kept trying and finally i got a call through and Lenny answered.

He said they have been very busy but were starting to get to the orders placed on 12/29 that day. I thought "cool, should see things soon." After another week, I got part of my order. No updates of the remaining items I ordered. Sent a couple more messages on their system. I NEVER received a reply. As I said though, last Friday I finally received of my order.

My take is they may be overworked, short-staffed, out of stock but ultimately really POOR customer service. Answering email corespondent to their customers is CRITICAL. I received my order but don't know that I would ever purchase from them again.

To name a few good ones, I always have had GREAT experience with:

Larue Tactical (Stellar customer service!) AAA+++


C J 01-27-2013 17:42

I was able to place an order on the 16th. Went all the way through to entering all my shipping and CC info. Then nothing. The site and my screen shows 'site error'. I tried calling too. Busy, busy. Finally after about 2 days I got a recorded message. It was Lenny himself. Stating 'national BO' for all magazines. What about all other items? I have used GS quite a bit over the last 3 yrs. Had a problem with simply trying to log a password. I love their products, not the customer service though. Placed another order with Glockmeister. Same deal, but got as far as an order # confirmation. Trying to be patient. We all know what's going on presently. Good luck.

doktarZues 01-27-2013 22:52

I keep seeing glockstore and glockmeister used in the same sentence, in this thread and others. Is the reference because they are similar stores, or are they owned by the same people, or what?

cola490 01-28-2013 03:15

As far as I know, they are different stores. Seperate websites.

GroundtheGear 01-28-2013 07:56

Order still pending that was placed on Jan 14th!

Riverkilt 01-28-2013 08:01

I wish they were similar or coowned. I could get the part I want from Glockmeister instead of having to wait and wait and wait just to talk to someone - IF they ever start answering phones at Glockstore. Glockstore phones aren't always busy because they're getting phone calls - they have intentionally busied them out so they don't have to answer them. Top service in the past from Glockmeister. Good people. No service history from Glockstore since they don't answer phones, email, or their message thingie....wonder why they put the message thingie in on their website if they didn't plan to respond to it.

GroundtheGear 01-28-2013 08:02

Well, since I cant get anyone from GS to reply, does anyone know if the trigger reset kit for the g19 will work in a gen 2? There is only a choice for the kits for gen3's or 4's. I would think so, but I just need some confirmation.

ds7br 02-02-2013 09:21

I'm getting the same BS others are: NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. Cant get thru on the phone and messages not answered. Since I ordered a firearm I get the feeling they really dont have them in stock and are avoiding telling customers the truth. Am sending them a registered snail mail letter canceling the order. They have won the race to the bottom on customer service.

Riverkilt 02-02-2013 10:55

On another thread I was finally given the SECRET local number for the Glockstore - its not even in the Sandy Eggo yellow pages or anywhere on line.

Its your nickel but you can call 858-569-4000 and after a few rings a lady will answer. I explained I was wanting to place an order and she transfered me to the order dept. I timed the wait. It was SIXTEEN minutes...but after 16 minutes a guy answered and took my order. What happens after that may take did listening to 16 minutes of Sandy Eggo talk radio they patched onto the line during the wait...

XDRoX 02-02-2013 11:53

I live about 10 minutes from the glockstore. I was actually going to head down there today and pick up a part. I'll show them this thread and see what they have to say.

I've never been impressed with their service but they are a decent little store. In fact they also just opened a small range in the back of the store.

Riverkilt 02-02-2013 12:10

They seem like nice folks with a good line of products. Only "fault" I see is the owner's decision making process when the rush started. NOT answering phones, email, message thingies YOU installed on your website is pure commercial suicide. Many other vendors are coping and keeping up without cutting off communication. Customer no-service like this is bound to lead to them going out of business. People remember and there are too many options with good customer service - even in the bad times.

digemup 02-03-2013 08:58

I'm just so pissed they showed parts "in stock" and let me go through the ordering process (including taking all my cc info) only to "disappear" and apparently not have any items to send. Now, I'm held hostage by these non-communicating A-clowns that have my CC info and will try to charge me when they feel like sending out the parts I've ordered. Don't want to wait any longer, can't reach them to cancel, but don't want to receive a duplicate set of parts!! What does a guy do? They better go ahead and screw me now because I will never do business w/them again

Riverkilt 02-03-2013 12:31

"you can call 858-569-4000 and after a few rings a lady will answer"

digemup 02-03-2013 12:41

It's the same BS answering machine message I get every time I call the "800" number. If anybody can get through to them and wouldn't mind helping me out.... Please ask them to cancel order # 200017215. Thanks, Bill

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