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Archangel 01-22-2013 14:55

Waheela Skinner in OD Micarta
this is one of our Waheela Skinners in O-1 tool steel. the handle is OD canvas micarta with steel pins. it is 8.5" long with a hollow recurve grind. all edges are textured and it sports random filework on the spine. feels very light in the hand. it wears a dark Crime Scene etched finish.


NeverMore1701 01-23-2013 00:27

I dig it.

Archangel 01-23-2013 14:37

thank you, sir. this design is one of my favorites.


Victoriagotagun 01-23-2013 21:39

Very nice. :cool: Love the etched finish.

Travclem 01-24-2013 10:36

Wow, I really like that one!

Archangel 01-24-2013 15:51

much appreciated, guys.


Officer's Match 01-24-2013 17:40

Digging it myself.

Archangel 01-24-2013 22:27

well, she is available if you know anyone interested. the buyer has gone with a different model at the last minute. that's how it goes some times. i should start trading knives for magazines and get in on all the panic buying. :supergrin:


NeverMore1701 01-24-2013 22:37

If I hadn't just bought another Chris Reeve....

Archangel 01-25-2013 00:51

reeve makes some mighty fine folders. i used to have one myself. got it in a trade. good stuff.


RetailNinja 01-25-2013 13:10

MF'n harpoon tip! Looking good!

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