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ChiefWPD 01-21-2013 22:11

Web site for Ken Hackathorn?
Anybody know of a web site for Ken Hackathorn? Can't find any specifically for him on the web.

Did some Rogers training classes with Ken about +30 years ago. He and I ran a one day course for some well heeled folks in the early 1980s. Last time I spoke with Ken he was congratulating me on getting my chief's job. That was over twenty years ago... :shocked:

Just want to say "hi" and catch up.

9mmParabellum 01-26-2013 22:31

Ken, never had a website and is retired now.

Alias_Training 01-27-2013 00:52

Ken isn't 100% retired. He is still doing a limitted number of classes.

ChiefWPD, if you are the same guy who called yesterday we have this covered. If not, please email me and I will put you in touch with Ken.

Thank you,


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