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TTex 01-21-2013 18:11

Glock drought
Wanted to buy a Gen 4 G21, but the cupboards are bare.:crying:
Anyone else run into a brick wall trying to get a new Glock?

shockglock 01-21-2013 18:20

Just left my LGS and they had a gen4 21, gen4 22, gen4 27, gen4 26 and a used gen 3 20c. Still waiting on my gen4 19 though.

Texas2Va2013 01-21-2013 18:25

Very bare around Houston, esp for Gen 4. those that have them are getting top $

HauntedAlabama 01-21-2013 18:42

I went Saturday to 5 gun shops and called several more. No Gen 4 19's to be found anywhere around here. I did see atleast one or more 21,22,26,27,29sf,31, and 34 so there are a few out there, just not what I was wanting to pick up.

TTex 01-21-2013 18:51

I wouldn't think the 26,27,30, or 36 would be to much of a problem. I would imagine it's mostly the high cap pistols, but in this political climate I wouldn't doubt it either.

I was able to find some 45acp, but still not luck feeding my 17, 19, and 26.

elijah58 01-21-2013 19:01

Went to 3 gun shops today and saw a limited amount of Glocks, no magazines other than 9 round .45 and no ammo except oddball stuff. This sux, thank you obummer for this mess!!

Guatariccan 01-21-2013 19:05

I've been waiting since October for my blue label Gen 4 G20!!!! :steamed:

RonS 01-21-2013 19:07

I wanted a G17L this year. Not going to happen. Maybe put that money toward spiffing up my Springfield Champion with some nice sights.

ESAFO 01-21-2013 19:17

gen 4 are next to impossible to find around here & most of the gen 3 i find are double the retail price from 3 months ago...
$849 for a gen 3 g19 & there selling used glocks for more than regular retail prices. :steamed:

freezetime 01-21-2013 19:39

Theres a little place around here known for their antique firearms(they have a 1962 national match garand in BEAUTIFUL shape), that had a NIB gen 3 26 and NIB gen 4 19 today for $499 and $549.

However, the only place in my area to do the GSSF coupon only had a couple of beat up used glocks, including a 24. They did have a big stack of mags though.

4095fanatic 01-21-2013 20:12

Pistols, mags, all in short supply... I heard various reasons, between panic buying and GLOCK retooling a factory. Around here 17/19/21/22/23/26/27 are all hard to find.

G36shooter 01-21-2013 20:38


Originally Posted by Guatariccan (Post 19895010)
I've been waiting since October for my blue label Gen 4 G20!!!! :steamed:

Glad I got mine when I did.

jtrudel31 01-21-2013 20:38

Found a g21 standard at bass pro 2 weeks ago for 650. Last one they had . Little more than I wanted to spend but I got what iwas after.

cpablum 01-21-2013 20:58

Just saw a barely used 21 at Lee's Pawn and Gun in Margate Florida. Reasonably priced.

akapennypincher 01-21-2013 21:01

DrtyHarry 01-21-2013 21:10

G20 Gen4 selling for $655 in Jersey....but hey, it comes with 2 15 round mags. Nuts.


FnKev 01-21-2013 21:14

Some of the gun stores here have glocks, but are charging 649 for Gen 4s. I've been checking Academy multiple times a week for a Gen4 G19 or G23 and no one has anything. Hopefully I'll find one soon, got tons of giftcards from Christmas waiting to be spent. Haha

danysw 01-21-2013 21:15

Here in Miami ther is a shortgage of many pistols except Glock pistols. Yesterday at the Gun Show I saw dozens of G17, 19, 26, 27,22, 21 Gen 3 and 4 but no magazines at all and almost no ammo.

DannyB 01-21-2013 22:01

Must be a shortage. I could have bought a new Gen 3 19 at a shop a week ago for $549 and tax. I bet it is gone now.

SARDG 01-21-2013 22:05


Originally Posted by Guatariccan (Post 19895010)
I've been waiting since October for my blue label Gen 4 G20!!!! :steamed:

I've been waiting since July 24th for mine.

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