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SuckMyGlockk 01-20-2013 21:50

Glock 17 magazines

just purchased the three mag set from them. last known source I could find. shipping takes about a week. but its cheaper than spending 70 bucks for a mag at a gun show. thought id give everyone a heads up who's really in need of a glock 17 mag!:wavey:

also purchased a 33 rounder glock factory mag at a local gun show today for 100 bucks. insaneeeeeeee. this political climate is crazy.:supergrin::supergrin::supergrin::supergrin::supergrin:

Butcher 01-20-2013 22:14

$55/mag is a deal??

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JimIsland 01-20-2013 22:20

I guess if you gotta have it........glad I bought a load of em last year at Natchez for 19.95.

SuckMyGlockk 01-20-2013 23:13

cannot find anything here in florida. g19s sold out, g17s, all the mags are gone. all websites are sold out and not accepting backorders. cant find any magazine assemblies for backup supplies. went to a gun show today. guy sold ten g19s hasnt had g17s for almost 2 months, and my friend bought the last g26. demand has pushed the price up. magazines at the gun show were about 125 bucks for the 33 round mags for glocks and the glock 19 magazines were 65 a piece. just posting thats the last place that has them available.

SJ 40 01-21-2013 01:41

Not a deal in my book considering I was getting them,all I wanted at 22.00 each,Pass.
SJ 40

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