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WayneJessie 01-20-2013 20:14

Most trouble free gun you have less than $600
What has been your most trouble-free auto loader handgun that cost less than $600 new? It can be any brand including Glock but not limited to them. I'll go first with mine being a CZ 75 Compact. I lost count after three years of almost daily shooting with not one failure to function of any kind;ever. Compared to other compact handguns it's on the heavy side but if I could not have but one pistol that would be it.

arclight610 01-20-2013 20:17

Sig 2022
Sig P250
Rock Island 1911
Glock 19
... the list goes on.

hogship 01-20-2013 20:24

More money does not mean more reliability.

If we're talking ccw, I'd go with a single stack 9mm, or 40sw. There are many in the $600 range that are plenty reliable.

I have a Kahr MK40, and it hasn't once malfunctioned. If I were going to purchase right now, I'd get the PM40, but the difference in weight isn't a deal breaker......I'll keep mine.


USMCsilver 01-20-2013 20:25

Sig P220.

I've owned and shot many, MANY firearms. It really doesn't get much better that that, IMHO.

Oh...or a Beretta 92. :)

mist 01-20-2013 20:28

I've had quite a few trouble free pistols but my Kahr PM9 has been my favorite so far.

I just picked up a Gen 4 G26 and its range session debut is scheduled for tomorrow.

faawrenchbndr 01-20-2013 20:29

Beretta 92fs,......has truly been flawless, not a single malfunction.

Bruce M 01-20-2013 20:31

I guess maybe I have been lucky as I have Glocks, Sigs, a H&K, some S&Ws and a couple others that have all been reliable and less than 600.

Naptown34 01-20-2013 20:31

Glock 19

janice6 01-20-2013 20:32

The gun i have had the longest without a single failure of any kind is my old Kimber Custom II Stainless. WAG 15/20 years. I used high priced ammunition and Wolf steel.

Second is G27 12 years. No failures of any kind with any ammunition I fed it.

itstime 01-20-2013 20:34

Other than .22's. I would say my Kimber. Being the only one that isn't reliable.

I must be lucky. All mine work.

JAS104 01-20-2013 20:35

glock 19 gen 4

Deaf Smith 01-20-2013 20:36

Glock by far. Especially used Gen 3 Glocks.

Sigs if you can find one under $600.


StanA 01-20-2013 20:37

All my Glocks, AK47, I even got a good Sub2000, many more. If it's not reliable and I can't make that way ifs its not I don't keep um long.

gajones06 01-20-2013 20:41

Cz75B and when I had it my glock 17rtf2

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ronin.45 01-20-2013 20:41

All my guns are trouble free. If I have a gun that doesnt work I fix it or get rid of it. I have many that have run 100%. If high round count means "most 100% reliable" then my Glock 17 is the leader by far.

OhioGlock90 01-20-2013 20:42

Glock 26
Smith and Wesson M&P 9

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rohanreginald 01-20-2013 20:45

Between glocks, berretas, sigs, rugers and springers the only auto loader hand gun I have had that is trouble free is my keltec pf9. The ktec is the only gun I have that has never malfunctioned.

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CourtCop 01-20-2013 20:47

I've had a Gen2 GLOCK 19 since 1998 with about 15,000 rounds through it that has not had one malfunction of any kind.

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Steel Head 01-20-2013 20:51

Every Glock I've ever owned.
Also my first handgun,a Ruger GP100 was problem free.

Scott3670 01-20-2013 20:51

Both of my SIGs, my S&W M&P9c, and my CZ75 P-07 Duty. These babies eat anything I feed them and none has ever hicccupped.

samuse 01-20-2013 20:56

9mm Glocks, Beretta M9 and M9A1, S&W 442-2.

I have a couple of Hi Powers that give no problems and I paid under $6oo, but they list for more...

mjkeat 01-20-2013 20:58

Glock 17 RTF and an M&P9 Pro

Slackinoff 01-20-2013 21:00

gen4 g19 has been the most reliable glock/handgun I have ever owned.

countrygun 01-20-2013 21:02

That's asking me to eat up a lot of band width.

But you mentioned one and others have covered another

I'll stick to "bought new and still in production" to keep the list reasonable.

CZ 75 compact

Sigpro 2022 9mm.

The used list would be too long.

Butcher 01-20-2013 21:26

CZ P-01
Going on 9 years and 25k+ rounds

Just picked up an SP-01 earlier this month. I expect it to run just as reliably

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