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WayneJessie 01-20-2013 21:14

Most trouble free gun you have less than $600
What has been your most trouble-free auto loader handgun that cost less than $600 new? It can be any brand including Glock but not limited to them. I'll go first with mine being a CZ 75 Compact. I lost count after three years of almost daily shooting with not one failure to function of any kind;ever. Compared to other compact handguns it's on the heavy side but if I could not have but one pistol that would be it.

arclight610 01-20-2013 21:17

Sig 2022
Sig P250
Rock Island 1911
Glock 19
... the list goes on.

hogship 01-20-2013 21:24

More money does not mean more reliability.

If we're talking ccw, I'd go with a single stack 9mm, or 40sw. There are many in the $600 range that are plenty reliable.

I have a Kahr MK40, and it hasn't once malfunctioned. If I were going to purchase right now, I'd get the PM40, but the difference in weight isn't a deal breaker......I'll keep mine.


USMCsilver 01-20-2013 21:25

Sig P220.

I've owned and shot many, MANY firearms. It really doesn't get much better that that, IMHO.

Oh...or a Beretta 92. :)

mist 01-20-2013 21:28

I've had quite a few trouble free pistols but my Kahr PM9 has been my favorite so far.

I just picked up a Gen 4 G26 and its range session debut is scheduled for tomorrow.

faawrenchbndr 01-20-2013 21:29

Beretta 92fs,......has truly been flawless, not a single malfunction.

Bruce M 01-20-2013 21:31

I guess maybe I have been lucky as I have Glocks, Sigs, a H&K, some S&Ws and a couple others that have all been reliable and less than 600.

Naptown34 01-20-2013 21:31

Glock 19

janice6 01-20-2013 21:32

The gun i have had the longest without a single failure of any kind is my old Kimber Custom II Stainless. WAG 15/20 years. I used high priced ammunition and Wolf steel.

Second is G27 12 years. No failures of any kind with any ammunition I fed it.

itstime 01-20-2013 21:34

Other than .22's. I would say my Kimber. Being the only one that isn't reliable.

I must be lucky. All mine work.

JAS104 01-20-2013 21:35

glock 19 gen 4

Deaf Smith 01-20-2013 21:36

Glock by far. Especially used Gen 3 Glocks.

Sigs if you can find one under $600.


StanA 01-20-2013 21:37

All my Glocks, AK47, I even got a good Sub2000, many more. If it's not reliable and I can't make that way ifs its not I don't keep um long.

gajones06 01-20-2013 21:41

Cz75B and when I had it my glock 17rtf2

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ronin.45 01-20-2013 21:41

All my guns are trouble free. If I have a gun that doesnt work I fix it or get rid of it. I have many that have run 100%. If high round count means "most 100% reliable" then my Glock 17 is the leader by far.

OhioGlock90 01-20-2013 21:42

Glock 26
Smith and Wesson M&P 9

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rohanreginald 01-20-2013 21:45

Between glocks, berretas, sigs, rugers and springers the only auto loader hand gun I have had that is trouble free is my keltec pf9. The ktec is the only gun I have that has never malfunctioned.

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CourtCop 01-20-2013 21:47

I've had a Gen2 GLOCK 19 since 1998 with about 15,000 rounds through it that has not had one malfunction of any kind.

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Steel Head 01-20-2013 21:51

Every Glock I've ever owned.
Also my first handgun,a Ruger GP100 was problem free.

Scott3670 01-20-2013 21:51

Both of my SIGs, my S&W M&P9c, and my CZ75 P-07 Duty. These babies eat anything I feed them and none has ever hicccupped.

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