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Copper-Head 01-18-2013 13:37

New Guy from KY
Hello everyone.

I hail from the bluegrass state. My name is Keith & I'm 42. Been married for 20yrs, got a 14yr old son and most of all,.....I really enjoy my hand guns.

I've had several Rugers, Berretta's, Sig's, S&W's and etc,....

I never was a fan of a glock "until" I purchased my G26 in the fall of 2010. I have to say, I was impressed with the way it felt in my hand & the way it shot. Everything about it seemed to be positive. I carry it everywhere I go.

Fast forward to this past Christmas and I bought myself a G19. I haven't had the chance to take it it on a test run, but I hope to real soon.

With all the unrest about firearms lately, I went out and put a deposit on a G23 TODAY!! I've never had a 40cal, so I'm looking forward to it as well.

(BTW,...all of these are 3rd gen's)

I've got a few other firearms in my collection, but I have to say, Glocks are slowing becoming my favorite. I'm pretty sure I'll be a Glock owener for life.

Look forward to chatting with my fellow Glock owners & gun nuts.


FL Airedale 01-18-2013 13:49

Welcome from Florida.

LASTRESORT20 01-18-2013 13:56

`Hello Keith and welcome Aboard from NC.

jph02 01-18-2013 14:55


Made Man 01-18-2013 15:06

Welcome, from a native of Ky.

Sent from up range, at about 3100 fps

LSO1117 01-18-2013 15:08

Welcome from another Kentuckian!

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ca survivor 01-18-2013 15:38


mymini40 01-18-2013 17:27

Welcome to the forum!

skeeter7 01-18-2013 17:31


bac1023 01-18-2013 20:37


HeliGlock 01-18-2013 22:21

Welcome from Florida.

rolltide_pisco 01-19-2013 03:00

Welcome another Kentuckian who lives in our great pro-gun state. Enjoy the G23.

oily_oink 02-17-2013 09:30

:welcome: From Michigan!

jkloeker 02-19-2013 19:31


hi-power man 02-19-2013 19:34

Welcome! Lots of knowledge and informaton here, as well as some very entertaining threads.

astroboy 02-20-2013 00:30

Welcome to the forum!

rdbjr57 02-20-2013 14:05

Welcome from another Kentuckian (Madisonville.)

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