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DOC44 01-16-2013 15:55

Rep. Nadler (NY D): Two to Four Self-Defense Shots is Enough
Rep. Nadler (NY D): Two to Four Self-Defense Shots is Enough


If you’re defending yourself against a robber…if you have a pistol permit or you’re carrying a gun because you work for Wells Fargo and you’re taking money in and out of a bank or something, two or three or four shots should be enough—period.


azatrox 01-16-2013 15:57

So this should be sufficient for cops too?

Lockback 01-16-2013 16:02


Originally Posted by DOC44 (Post 19873023)
Rep. Nadler (NY D): Two to Four Self-Defense Shots is Enough


"I don't think there should be a limit to how many Double Greasy Cheeseburgers I can eat. I usually like three or four ..."

callihan_44 01-16-2013 16:26

oh so in a defensive position when two thugs hyped on meth break into your house he guarantees thats enough force to take care of it, i can sleep better tonight

Gunhaver 01-16-2013 16:33


Originally Posted by Lockback (Post 19873051)

I smell a spinoff thread coming. "What caliber is sufficient for a Nadler?"

SPIN2010 01-16-2013 16:35

10mm? :dunno:

Fear Night 01-16-2013 16:36

So their 7 round limit passed today is obviously not reasonable enough.

AlexHassin 01-16-2013 16:40

so that's why S&W made the 500.

oldman11 01-16-2013 17:01

Well it's obvious this idiot has never even seen a firefight; never mind being in one. I don't think he's ever even seen one. What would ever posses someone that stupid to think he is an expert?

CAcop 01-16-2013 17:07


Originally Posted by Gunhaver (Post 19873183)
I smell a spinoff thread coming. "What caliber is sufficient for a Nadler?"

Trick question. The correct answer is a harpoon.

Chuck TX 01-16-2013 17:18

2, 3, or 4 pushups should be enough to give his lard ass a myocardial infarction. From the looks of it that soda ban ain't working.

Gonna suck to be a cop in NY if they keep this up. They'll be running around with goofy hats with nothing but batons in no time.

pugman 01-16-2013 17:22

Rule #1 of a Firefight.

If you become involved in a Firefight...make sure you bring enough Fire to Fight.

And is this guy actually saying if I work for Wells Fargo and am carrying out bags of money two shots might be enough?

Has he never seen Heat?

happyguy 01-16-2013 17:23

Well...if all the bad guys were as big a target as him...

Comrade Happyguy :)

AlexHassin 01-16-2013 17:26

IGotIt 01-16-2013 17:28

I find it amazing that those who have no clue about something, know all the answers. What an idiotic slob.

Someone should ask him what is his experience in gunfights to offer such advice.

walt cowan 01-16-2013 17:28


Originally Posted by SPIN2010 (Post 19873196)
10mm? :dunno:

hard cast?

akapennypincher 01-16-2013 17:40

Left get our old Flintlock out for personal protection, if you can hit anything with it.

Maybe the smoke will make em run.

cowboy1964 01-16-2013 17:55

The stupidity is just staggering. These are the morons guiding us to our doom as a country.

Maybe Bloomberg should give guidance to this idiot on his diet. 2000 to 4000 calories per day should be enough, Nadler.


The police shouldn’t do that either. Nobody should be doing that.
So, start crafting legislation limiting cops to 7 round "clips", Nadler. See how THAT goes.

magpie maniac 01-16-2013 18:03

Those silly New Yawkers up there crack me up. :rofl: What will they think up next?

holesinpaper 01-16-2013 19:03

Great, so limit LEO guns/mags to 4 shots.

janice6 01-16-2013 19:13

Funny how all the liberal politicians that say no one should be able to have any guns want people to think they are such good shots that they can advise others how many rounds it should take in a dynamic confrontation to stop a deadly threat.

This isn't target shooting. Don't they even know this?

Blowhard BS'ers that know nothing about what they say.

If it is enough to have 2 to 4 shots to stop a threat, why do they authorize the police so many more. Are the police such poor untrained shooters they cannot hit anything, or is it the politicians are blowing smoke up everybody's a** and don't even believe their own words.

I would trust a cop to defend me, but the government says they cannot afford to provide a personal bodyguard to each civilian, so we must die or defend ourselves..

Fear Night 01-16-2013 19:16


Originally Posted by holesinpaper (Post 19873933)
Great, so limit LEO guns/mags to 4 shots.

Yep, if you read his last quote, he says LEOs should be limited to 2-4 rounds as well. :faint:

ithaca_deerslayer 01-16-2013 19:18

Ok, I am supposed to stop a bad guy with 2 to 4 shots, but if the police see some guy reach for his wallet they get to use 41 shots, right?

Gunnut 45/454 01-16-2013 19:54

Rep. Nadler (NY D):
I respectfully request you arm yourself with your two to four rounds and be dropped off in the wost part of any major city and forced to walk out and see if you survive! Maybe like walk accross Gary IND. Or south side Chicago, Harlem NY, Philly.:supergrin: But then again you slob you probably couldn't walk that far!:rofl:

Zombie Surgeon 01-16-2013 20:05


Originally Posted by DOC44 (Post 19873023)
Rep. Nadler (NY D): Two to Four Self-Defense Shots is Enough


What if there are 4 or 5 gangbangers attacking you?
Frikin' idjit.

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