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GreenDrake 01-16-2013 06:52

Looking at new carry guns, anyone carry a Sig?
I am considering a move from my current daily carry, a Walther PPS .40 cal, to possibly a Sig P220 Carry or even a P226. Yes I know the 226 is a bit bigger for concealment, but I was looking for if any of you currently carry a 226 or 229 concealed, for some input.

The P220 Carry is easily concealable from what I can tell in just handling it and it shoots like a dream. Switching my standard calibers to 9mm and 45 ACP.

Thanks for any help with my decision. Yes I have good belts.

GreenDrake 01-16-2013 07:36

Also considering the Sig SP2022

1stMAW 01-16-2013 08:41

I carry a Sig 229 in .357sig quite a lot, but 220s and 1911s are carried sometimes as well...

damphousse25 01-16-2013 09:12

I carry a P220 Elite Stainless with an attached Viridian X5L a few days per month when I am wearing an over garment. A good gun belt makes the weight doable.

I have a P226 TacOps in 9mm but have never carried it.

I have read a few good reviews of the new P224 in .40 S&W during the last week or so now that they are starting to trickle out into stores. My wife wants to look into the P224 and I am somewhat interested though I do love my edc Glock 27.

GreenDrake 01-16-2013 09:41

Heading to Cabelas this morning to see if they have any P224s and compare all of the Sigs side by side. thanks for the input guys.

GreenDrake 01-16-2013 18:23

Well, I had them all laid out on the table, once I picked up the P229, it was game over. Half hour later I was walking out the door with my new baby. She rode home on my lap so I could admire her before a good cleaning. What a great gun, so perfect in the hand. I managed to work my Fist holster a bit and got it to accept the gun no problem after asking here how to heat kydex a bit. Man I couldn't be happier. Got the Nitron P229R with Factory Siglite night sights and two 15 round mags for $799. Best deal around here for sure.

damphousse25 01-16-2013 18:55

Congrats GreenDrake. The 229 is great gun. You made a good choice. Have fun and be safe. Now I feel like I "need" to get one! My wife will probably disagree:crying:

collim1 01-16-2013 19:39

I like my Sigs. I carry a P226 in .40 on duty, a P239 9mm off-duty, and keep a P220 with a weaponlight attached in my nightstand for HD.

Congrats on the P229, its a great gun. Remember to lube those slide rails. I prefer a light coat of grease on the rails to oil. Stays in place, doesn't cook off, and seems to last longer during extended shooting sessions. I use white lithium of Hoppes grease, both are very affordable.

Owning and shooting alot of Sigs I can always spot the guns that were properly lubricated and the ones that weren't by having a glance at the slide rails. I recommend carrying the gun with a light coat of grease to ensure function. Dont be afraid to slather it on before you hit the range.

Noles26 01-16-2013 20:07

P938 and P238 are both in rotation.

Love them

Two Guns 01-16-2013 20:53

I carry a Sig P220 as my daily carry gun.

SpitFyRRe 01-16-2013 20:54

I have had a Sig P250SC in the past and its a great gun. I just got a Sig P238 that is pretty great so far. 7+1 if you get the extended mag and it has a pinky grip which is nice. My sig other carries a P229 and he loves it.

cowboy1964 01-16-2013 20:54

If I had to absolutely rank gun makes from 1 to whatever, Sig would have to be #1. HK close second.

9mm from a 229 feels like a cap gun.

jlruiz32 01-16-2013 21:08

P220 compact and P239.

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GreenDrake 01-17-2013 05:53

Collim, thanks for the grease suggestion I will try it out. I did get it home and properly break everything down, scrub it all and lube it up again, didn't think of the greased rail idea. I know I did spend quite a bit of time with clean patches and oiling/folding to get it into every space I could to ensure proper contact for my first trip out to the range today. I will get it done again and get some love in the rails after the first range session. I can't get over how perfectly it lays in the hand with such balance. Not bad at all in the holster either.

LoadToadBoss 01-17-2013 06:54

I just picked up a NIB Sig P290RS to replace my KelTec PF-9. It is more comfortable to shoot and has a re-strike capability.

HerrGlock 01-17-2013 07:34

Sig 245. I put the short reach trigger into it because I've got girl paws and got the thing Black-T coated. It's the first carry gun to put my Glocks in the safe.

SCmasterblaster 01-17-2013 11:58

This is GLOCK Talk - I carry a G17.

cowboy1964 01-17-2013 12:37


Originally Posted by SCmasterblaster (Post 19876513)
This is GLOCK Talk.

Another insightful post from SCmasterblaster to pad his post count. :wavey:

HerrGlock 01-17-2013 12:50


Originally Posted by SCmasterblaster (Post 19876513)
This is GLOCK Talk - I carry a G17.

Where neither the owner of the site nor the person with the highest post count own glocks.

fallenangelhim 01-17-2013 13:08

Carrying a Sig is a bit too much for me. I carry IWB and find Sigs too thick. Don't get me wrong, I own 5 Sigs. I only carry their 1911 and P220. Those are thing enough to be comfortable.

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