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pkersey 01-14-2013 22:54

RIA 10mm and Wolff Gunsprings
I just got one of these pistols and would like to replace the stock recoil, firing pin and hammer springs. Browsing the Wolff website it does not have a listing for Rock Island Armory. Does anyone know which spring set would be compatible? It does have a listing for the Delta Elite 10mm. Would these be compatible with the RIA 10mm?

99blkta 01-14-2013 23:47

I too have recently purchased one of these pistols, and would like to know this answer as well.

pkersey 01-15-2013 22:06

Well apparently the Delta Elite recoil spring is just the standard 1911 spring. It's placed in a separate category by Wolff because it replaces a dual spring setup that comes standard with the Delta Elite. The factory standard for the Delta is 23 pounds so I'm going with a 22 pound spring. There is also a calibration pack that contains 18.5, 20, 22, & 24 pound springs.

nickE10mm 01-16-2013 13:04

Yes, the Delta springs are the ones you want. I'd go with a 20lb.... 22lb at the most.

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