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WayneJessie 01-13-2013 19:02

Greetings from n.c.
I've been a handgunner for a long time but just purchased my first new Gen3 G19. Honestly, i never thought I would buy a Glock but the deal was too good to pass over. I have only shot it 100rnds so far. Ejection seems weak with brass to the face occasionally. Not even going to worry about it until I get about 500 rnds through it. Hopefully, all will go well. I got the gun NIB with an additional 3 extra 15rnd mags(total of 5) for $499+tax. Based on Gunbroker prices I feel like I did OK. I am enjoying all the info on this site and have much to learn about Glock pistols.

bac1023 01-13-2013 20:28

:welcome: and congrats

LASTRESORT20 01-13-2013 20:34

Welcome here...also from NC...Enjoy the site.

mymini40 01-13-2013 22:29

Welcome to the forum!

janice6 01-13-2013 22:32

Welcome to GT. It's not necessary to covet Glocks, but this is a good place for gun aficionados to congregate

skeeter7 01-14-2013 00:38


HollywoodG23 01-14-2013 05:36

Welcome to GT...from another north Carolinian...

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ca survivor 01-14-2013 12:45


RPVG 01-14-2013 13:26

Sounds like you got a helluva deal!


oily_oink 02-16-2013 13:38

:welcome: From Michigan!

dling 02-16-2013 15:26

Welcome from Arizona.

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