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glock1769 01-11-2013 21:06

New Glock Owner
Just wanted to say hello to all. Today...not only did I purchase my first Glock...but my first handgun. I've been window shopping for a long time and finally decided that with the current political climate I should make my purchase sooner than later. I decided on the G17 Gen4 as a start. I suspect I'll learn a lot from you all reading this forum and look forward to being an active poster. Thanks in advance as I'm sure I'll have a bunch of dumb questions !!! :help:

Shiloh228 01-11-2013 21:09

Welcome to GT...and congrats on your first handgun. I'm a noob in both respects, and I enjoy and appreciate the advice and info here, and I know you will too.'

My first one is a G19 Gen 3 -- and I'm waiting for the State Police to declare me worthy before I get to actually bring it home and [gasp] actually shootit!

janice6 01-11-2013 21:13

Welcome to GT.

ithaca_deerslayer 01-11-2013 21:31

You made the right choice. I have a gen 4 17 :)

jnc54 01-11-2013 21:58

Welcome! Great choice for your first Glock. My first was the Gen 4 17 purchased 7/12. It has been a great shooter. If you have questions about your gun, feel free to ask any questions. There is a great wealth of knowledge here on this forum.

mymini40 01-12-2013 08:34

Welcome to the forum!

skeeter7 01-12-2013 09:21


Raven1967 01-12-2013 13:03


bac1023 01-12-2013 18:19


jph02 01-13-2013 19:28


oily_oink 02-16-2013 13:49

:welcome: From Michigan!

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