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silvrevo 01-11-2013 15:15

New Buckmark Camper,,,,,T.S. goodness
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Been looking for a .22 pistol to shoot while ammo prices and avaliability rise and fall.

Looked at the Rugger and Neos, and Browining.

Omg the Rugger was a nightmare to field strip and put back together!! Ditched that idea. Neos was junky feeling and top heavy.

The Buckmark was spot on! Was going to buy the top model with rail and all,,, but then came across Tactical Solutions,,, Omg. I then formed a plan.

Get the cheapest Buckmark. Get the TS 5.5" flutted Alloy threaded barrel, TS muzzle break, TS top rail, TS front sight, TS Alloy grips!

Picture of soon to be BuckMark is on this guys site, GREAT guy BTW. His name is Dennis and lives in Alaska, ships from Mizzouri. My Gun is going to look just like the Black one.

Might get a Suppressor latter down the road.

Here is my Stock Buckmark Camper

Bob Hafler 01-11-2013 15:32


Originally Posted by silvrevo (Post 19849628)
Omg the Rugger was a nightmare to field strip and put back together!!

Yes for some people it is. For others not so much. Congrats on Buckmark.

catalyst686 01-11-2013 16:39

I had problems the first few times with the ruger, mostly because I didn't read the manual. I don't know much about the buckmark, congrats!

Bob Hafler 01-11-2013 17:58

With all the Videos on the net for the life of me I can't understand how many people have such a hard time with assembling and disassembling the MKseries of pistols. I know guys that have owned them for years and have thousands of rounds through them and have never taken them apart and they still shoot 100%.

bac1023 01-12-2013 21:08

Congrats! :cool:

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