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raydobbs 01-10-2013 20:26

Not exactly new...
I'm not exactly new, having joined in 1999... ended up leaving in 2004 for various reasons, and sold my guns around that time as well (financial, not philosophical change of heart). With the recent political atmosphere, as well as the change of Minnesota to a Shall-Issue (I think that's the term) state from a Discretionary Shall-Issue (read: never in a million year pleeb) in terms of carry permits, the expiration of the AWB of 1994, and apparently a whole plethora of other changes in the firearms world - I decided perhaps I should return to the world of firearms ownership, and even perhaps get a permit to carry since I wouldn't have to beg to get the permit to purchase paperwork every year and wait for them to give me the run around on handing them in.

Last time, I owned a Desert Eagle 44 Magnum and a Beretta 92FS in SS. When I looked this time around, apparently my tastes are considered -very- old school - and found myself looking at Glock, though I really haven't narrowed down my choices.

Chicago2VP71 01-10-2013 20:31

Just picked up my first Glock myself and I love her! Shocked this forum has been here since 1999! You're a Vet :wow:

skeeter7 01-11-2013 00:20

Welcome back!

bac1023 01-11-2013 07:09

Welcome back :cool:

mymini40 01-11-2013 08:16

Welcome back to the forum!

jph02 01-13-2013 19:09


ca survivor 01-14-2013 12:58


RPVG 01-14-2013 13:57

Welcome back to GT.

oily_oink 02-16-2013 13:39

:welcome: From Michigan!

dling 02-16-2013 15:25

Welcome from Arizona.

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