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BCG71 01-07-2013 19:14

New G29SF Owner in NC
Greetings from NC! I am new to this forum, but not to the Glock family. I just purchased a new Gen3 G29sf on Friday so that my 20 year old Gen2 G19 finally has some company!! Mrs. Claus left me a chunk of green instead of the usual lump of coal this year, although I believe her intentions were so that she could assume ownership of my beloved G19! I do need some guidance from the 10mm crowd as I have a few questions regarding break-in and ammo and probably a couple of other things I haven't thought of. Any and all help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

ThinkMud 01-07-2013 19:25

I love the pierce +0 mag extension for my G29SF. Break in? What??? Just go shoot it!!! But honestly... I try to NOT to clean off the gold grease until at least 500-1000 rounds.

BCG71 01-07-2013 19:41

I got my LGS to throw in 2 of the pinky extensions to sweeten the deal since he was out of ammo...BIG SURPRISE. I have 200 rounds of Underwood 180gr FMJ on the way and I cannot wait for them to arrive. I figure a couple hundred of his bad boys down range will tell me everything I need to know about this gun:supergrin:

At least that will be a good start!

jph02 01-07-2013 19:51


bac1023 01-07-2013 20:15

Welcome to GT

mymini40 01-07-2013 21:34

Welcome to the forum!

skeeter7 01-07-2013 23:48


RPVG 01-08-2013 07:29

Welcome aboard!

oily_oink 02-02-2013 09:11

:welcome: From Michigan!

pipedreams 02-02-2013 09:32

:welcome: Enjoy GT....................

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