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Southie1966 01-03-2013 14:56

magzines loaded or unloaded
I would like an opinion as to whether to leave the spare Glock magazines loaded when not in use.

If left loaded does it effect the life of the magazine?:dunno:

Linux3 01-03-2013 16:01

I suggest you look at the description of this sub forum.
You will be getting a lot of comments from people who think they are funny.

I get Linux Journal and it comes loaded with blow in cards and it really annoys me so I would say unloaded would be best.
Guns and Ammo does that too now that I think of it and they do talk about Glocks so there you go.

Glockdude1 01-03-2013 16:05

Load them up. Unloaded they are useless. I have left magazines fully loaded for years at a time. Never a issue.


Southie1966 01-04-2013 16:48

magazines loaded or unloaded
I have been told to keep the spare magazines loaded minus one round. I wonder what Gunwebsite would recommend?

4Rules 01-04-2013 19:36


Drjones 01-06-2013 14:56

1) I've just got to ask; how is it that people so frequently and consistently post totally off-topic threads here in Tech Talk?

2) Rifle mags I keep downloaded by 2, pistol mags fully loaded.

RDW 01-06-2013 15:08

All depends on your Processor Speed!

jpa 01-06-2013 15:18

If they have enough RAM, it should be no problem

Southie1966 01-23-2013 15:42

loaded spare magazines

Originally Posted by 4Rules (Post 19821133)

Thanks for the information. I'm keeping them loadd minus one.

sappy13 01-23-2013 18:56

We dont need bullets in the world of the future. Technology is what gives you power here. Being a Tech Jedi helps too

bill4282 02-10-2013 03:42

Saving for my 3-d printer and specs for my tricorder and phaser

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