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G22Racer 12-28-2012 19:15

Gripping Essentials
I've been holding the gun wrong the whole time.

Sorry if this is mis posted. I was trying to find the right location for it.

janice6 12-28-2012 19:34

I'm sure he is holding a training session for a reasonable amount, that would benefit the rest of us who are anal retentive about hitting bullseyes instead of "looking good"..

cm6029 12-28-2012 22:42

Hilarious!!! I need to figure out how to hold my Vaquero 44 properly. If anyone finds a similar video with a single-action theme, please let me know. ;-)

gunslinger g21 01-26-2013 02:27

Thumbs foreward two hand with left index finger on trigger guard. this is the best combat grip on a semi auto pistol. I modify my grips with files and sandpaper to fit my hands for this grip.

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