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gringogigante 12-27-2012 19:49

new show "Amish Mafia" on Discovery Channel?
Anyone seen this? There is no freakin way this is real. It has all the hallmarks of a well written, yet totally unbelievable "Reality" show.

I'm suprised that a channel like the Discovery Channel would do something this terrible....

*ASH* 12-27-2012 19:51

have you seen the stupid **** on tv ? im not surprised . 90% of tv is **** like that .

reality shows ??---------FAKE, FAKE FAKE, ALL OF THEM

Ruggles 12-27-2012 19:55

Somebody has to keep them folks in line! Yeah it looks crazy fake to me as well.

gringogigante 12-27-2012 20:21

Clop, clop, clop,'s an Amish drive-by!

shotgunred 12-27-2012 20:24

They have to have something other than gold miners now that they dropped all their gun shows.

M2 Carbine 12-27-2012 20:30

I was at a friend's house when he had the show on.
I watched about 15 minutes of it.
It reminded me of why I don't watch much TV.
What garbage.:upeyes:

Gixxerjoe04 12-27-2012 20:49

What pisses me off is they start shows like the Amish mafia and cancel actual good(ones I liked haha) like storm chasers and dirty jobs. Dirty jobs had interesting jobs and was funny somewhat and I thought storm chasers was pretty awesome just seeing them chase tornados. Not some stupid looking "Amish" people acting like they're hardcore gangsters, smashing buggys up

2bgop 12-27-2012 20:55

I watched about 10 mins and then spent the next couple hours pissed about wasting the 10 minutes.

GlockinNJ 12-27-2012 20:59

I saw it. Very contrived.

jfost11 12-27-2012 21:01

I saw the first episode and thought it was the most ridiculous crap Discovery has ever done. I'm pretty much done with the network due to that and the cancellation of American Guns and Sons of Guns due those shows making gun ownership seem, in their words, almost normal.

geauxbubba 12-27-2012 21:01

Watch "Duck Dynasty", at least it is funny.

Restless28 12-27-2012 21:01

It's full retard to the max.

Zonny 12-27-2012 21:03


Originally Posted by geauxbubba (Post 19787868)
Watch "Duck Dynasty", at least it is funny.

:rofl: It's growing on me.

mgs 12-27-2012 21:06

And people who vote watch this garbage?

GlockinNJ 12-27-2012 21:13


Originally Posted by Restless28 (Post 19787871)
It's full retard to the max. 12-27-2012 21:31

I like how they keep "green corn" out of their community.

Glock Holliday 12-28-2012 03:48


Originally Posted by 2bgop (Post 19787834)
I watched about 10 mins and then spent the next couple hours pissed about wasting the 10 minutes.

+1 We'll never get that ten minutes back either.:crying:

Half-Breed 12-28-2012 05:20


Spiffums 12-28-2012 07:25


Originally Posted by Zonny (Post 19787876)
:rofl: It's growing on me.

A girly I know loves it she says it's the beards :rofl:

Spiffums 12-28-2012 07:27

Is the office a hay loft or a corn crib?

sbstudley 12-28-2012 07:43

I wasted ten minutes reading this stupid thread:tongueout:

Dennis in MA 12-28-2012 10:00


Originally Posted by shotgunred (Post 19787718)
They have to have something other than gold miners now that they dropped all their gun shows.

But these Amish - esp. in the commercials. . . . HAVE GUNS! :rofl: :wow:

SC Tiger 12-28-2012 10:04

It's like way in heck that someone actually doing that stuff would allow it to be filmed. They would have law enforcement all over their behinds.

Rustydude 12-28-2012 10:20

"The Producers could not find the location or well being of the truckdriver" that was hauling fake Amish goods............

Merlin had a buggy full of flat screens, then he pulls out a joystick from an ATARI 2600! LMAO! then Lebanon Levis buddy pulls up with a V-8 powered buggy and wins that 4'x8' check! This is true reality TV! Next someone is going to say Wrestling and Nascar is fake!
At least we get to see Guns on Discovery again, but I realy miss Paige! ;)

Rustydude 12-28-2012 10:24

Yup Moonshiners mostly fake, you wont learn how to make likker, but Tickle is one funny dude. If anything they are Distilling some high proof creek water. And no way does moonshine come out the worm like a garden hose, it drips and trickles, like a 90 year old with a bad prostste!

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