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squirreld 12-27-2012 11:43

Penn Bullets 147 gr 9mm check?
A little quick to hit the submit button,
Looking for a load check.
147 gr Penn cast flat point bullets.

3.5 gr. Unique @ 1.060.

Anything longer does not pass the stock glock 19 barrel drop test.
These barely pass but I think its due to the lube build up on the mouth.

I never run cast bullets so these are a bit new to me.
My dad gave me 300 of them because he no longer owns a 9mm and found them while cleaning up over Christmas.

Smoker 12-27-2012 12:05

Load up 8 or 10 & give them a go, that's the way I start, I load lead all the time for my 32 then you know for sure how they will work with YOUR gun.

squirreld 12-27-2012 19:04

3.5 came in at 925.
I will test 3.7 @ 1.060 in the morning.
I am aiming for 975.

squirreld 12-28-2012 15:10

1.085 OAL, 3.5 grains, 890 fps.
1.060 OAL, 3.5 grains, 925 fps.
1.060 OAL, 3.7 grains, 970 fps.
1.060 OAL, 3.8 grains, 990 fps.

Most non self defense loads are at 990 fps.

buckshotshorty 12-28-2012 21:49

Actually it is not recommended that you shoot lead bullets in a Glock stock barrel because lead builds quickly with the polygon rifling and could cause dangerous pressures. For my Glock 23 and G36 I bought Lone Wolf barrels with conventional rifling to use lead bullets.

squirreld 12-29-2012 02:05

Good point to mention to all the younger ones around here.
Like I said, 300 rounds.
They will be tossed in with another 1000 and all shot up randomly.

Should not pose an issue with the FMJ's "cleaning" out the bore after a few lead pills.

sig357fan 12-29-2012 03:57


Originally Posted by squirreld (Post 19792425)
...Should not pose an issue with the FMJ's "cleaning" out the bore after a few lead pills.

Not a good idea to fallow lead with jacketed, tends to "iron" the lead in making it harder to clean out.

Shoot one or the other with a good cleaning before switching or as suggested above, get an aftermarket barrel for shooting lead exclusively and run the jacketed through your stock barrel.


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