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Berto 12-26-2012 23:45

CZ 452 ZKM .17HMR report (pics)
Scored a gift certificate to the local outdoor range, decided a nice quiet day at the bench would be nice after all the Christmas festivities had passed.
I used my CZ 452, this one has the European style stock with the Schnabel forend and sporter weight barrel.

These are pretty nicely built rifles. I had always thought so, since finding this one on a used rack at a typically overpriced shop. This one was actually priced pretty low, given it's almost new condition, so I jumped on it.
The Euro style stock has more drop at the comb than classic styled American rifles. I was concerned it might present some issue when combined with tallish scope mounts (needed to clear rear sight), but in both benched and offhand shooting, no complaints. Length of pull feels right and cheek weld isn't compromised using the scope.

I finally took some pics to illustrate the nice grained walnut and general machine work on this gun;

Underside of bolt

receiver/wood fit

The worst machine marks on the gun, still not bad...


Berto 12-27-2012 00:04

Turkish Walnut, gotta love them Turks, they make nice wood.


A pretty nicely appointed rifle, overall.

THe scope is a BSA 4-12X Classic, it's been a nice scope for this rifle so far. I wouldn't mind more magnification, though.

I used CCI and Hornady ammo; 20gr Game Point and 17gr V-Max, respectively.


Berto 12-27-2012 00:22

Range was 100yrds, off sandbags. Scope set to 12x.

First target was a sighter, I shot five of each ammo type. The 17gr were about 1/2" higher POI, still the 10 went into an inch and a quarter.

I wanted to post ten shot groups an inch or smaller, but my shooting wasn't quite there today. Maybe once I get the trigger adjusted down. It's heavy....but it can be adjusted. I'm guessing around 6lbs or more right now.

I was able to get some decent 3/4 inch five shot groups from both brands.
The middle group was killing time for the cease-fire. (chase the boolit hole)

Next time out, I will do a bit better. The heavy trigger is enough to tense up my entire hold, which affects my groups....I'm basically "muscling" the gun on target instead of relaxing and touching off the shot. Once I get the trigger down around a safe 2lbs or so, it should be considerably easier. I have no doubt the gun itself is good for much better.

pennlineman 12-27-2012 00:26

Very cool. I'm determined to add a nice Rimfire to my collection this come year. Right now the LGS has a Ruger 77/22 in .22 mag that I like. Also a Browning T Bolt with a beautiful maple stock. The goal was to get a CZ, we'll see what happens.

CanMan 12-27-2012 00:38

Good find! I've got a couple of 452 Americans' in .22LR. I think the fit and finish on the CZs' are darn good, all things considered. Yours is in great shape and I've got to admit I find the Euro style stocks attractive but have always wondered how one would fit me. I just picked up a Ruger 77/17 for an upcoming sage rat hunt in April. I'm kicking myself in the arse for not getting a CZ, especially after seeing the pics you posted. I'm still trying to decide on what scope to top the 77/17 with... after I get some glass on the rifle I'll post up some target pics. I have that sinking feeling that your CZ will turn in better groups. :crying:

Berto 12-27-2012 00:50

I have yet to see a .17hmr that doesn't shoot very good groups at 100yrds.
I threw together a Svage 9317 with a cheap 4x scope for my Dad in E. Wa that shoots just as well as this least until I dial-in this trigger....

Bob 01-05-2013 11:17

Nice write up!

Just a little FYI, the stock is beechwood as is all the Special/Trainer models. The Lux and Ultra Lux were the only ones with the Turk Walnut.

One thing that is with just about all the CZ 452 models is to check the stock as they almost always touch the barrel on the left side out near the forend.

The tool marks are normal for the 452/453 models as I understand it CZ runs the machine tools until they break. I understand that because the 455 is the base for all the bolt actions now, CZ changes tooling a little more often.

If you want a 452/453, IF you can find a new one, now is the time because CZ from what I'm told will no longer produce some of the 452 models and will faze them out all together because the 455 is the replacement model.




Bill Keith 01-06-2013 10:22

Congratulations! I have a couple of CZ rifles and they are quality firearms. I had to do some looking, but I too found a like new, used 452 with the Mannlicher stock. I also scrounged up a CZ 527 carbine in .223. Great little rifle and I understand they make it also in 7.62X39 :wavey:
Thanks for the nice write up... I always wondered how the European stock design would work out as per fit and cheek weld.

gradyk 01-06-2013 14:11


HAMMERHEAD 01-06-2013 14:34

Congrats on the CZ Berto.
The stocks are a bit funky and do work best with open sights, but it makes for a handsome gun with Euro styling plus the feel that only real wood and steel bring.
I have the 452 Lux in .22WMR and the 452 Scout in .22lr, great rifles. Both are as accurate as guns costing twice as much or more.

Clem Eastwood 01-07-2013 08:03

good to know. ive been thinking about getting a 455 with a .22 barrel and either a .17 or 22 mag barrel. seeing your groups i think i might go with .17HMR. ive had my 452 varmint for several years.

100y with lapua midas

bac1023 01-07-2013 08:11

Very nice, Berto

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