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sarge 12-26-2012 18:23

Time to pick your brains again
I do a lot of reading but not a lot of posting. When I have computer problems I have always gotten straight talk here that has solved my problem.

Here's the latest problem.

I have an older Dell desktop that over the last few days has gone from running decently for its age to running like an 80's model 286. It takes forever to boot up and when it does, loading a program has gotten to where it takes minutes at times.

Specs are a Dell Dimension 4600 that will be 10 years old next April, 80GB hard drive with ~5GB free, 2.5GB ram.

Yes, I know it's a boat anchor but all I'm trying to do now is to get it running enough that I can make sure my files are backed up. I think I'm going to Sams on Friday and buying one of their HP's with 1TB drive and 6 GB ram for $488 and ditch this one.

A web site like this one runs OK, but trying to open an email attachment will either take several minutes or finally I get the Not Running error.

One other question while we are on the new computer subject. I run Outlook express and have emails and email addresses and lists that I terrible need to save to the new computer. How do I do that? If I absolutely have to give up the email I can, but I would hate to try to create new email lists.

Thanks for any help.

srhoades 12-26-2012 21:48

Start > run > eventvwr.msc > system

See a lot of red disk errors or yellow NTFS errors? If so your hard drive is on its last leg.

The Outlook Express addres book is located at:
C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book.

Outlook Express is no longer supported but you should be able to import your contacts with whatever you end up using.

sarge 12-27-2012 13:07

I just looked and had yellows from a while back.

Starting on the 20th I started getting Errors on Service Control Manager. Got a few on the 23, 24 and 25th and a lot on the 26th.

Yesterday's were SCM and DCOM errors.

So far today no errors but a lot of Disk Warnings.

Time to upgrade??

srhoades 12-27-2012 16:44

Yup. The disk warning means the drive is on its way out.

Outlook Express stores each foler in a DBX file, they are located here:
%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{Identity-GUID}\Microsoft\Outlook Express\

Detectorist 12-30-2012 22:25

Before you do anything drastic, please empty you temporary Internet files. I have seen that action alone produce near miracles..

birda40 12-30-2012 22:49

Disk clean up and Defrag may give you a little speed, at least to get your private things onto a back up drive.

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