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kayl 12-24-2012 11:59

Officer Down: Wauwatosa (WI) PD
Third shift Officer Jennifer Lynn Sebena was found dead early this morning. Early reports are that she was shot multiple times. There are no known suspects at this time.


CJStudent 12-24-2012 12:08


Dragoon44 12-24-2012 12:10


RussP 12-24-2012 12:41

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Bushido5150 12-24-2012 13:04

Rest in peace

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RMolina628 12-24-2012 13:13


Ajon412 12-24-2012 13:23


txleapd 12-24-2012 13:43

Rest in peace, sister... :fallenofficer:

CLoft239 12-24-2012 13:51


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steveksux 12-24-2012 14:05



Patchman 12-24-2012 14:07


"Sometime this morning, between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. one of our Wauwatosa police officers was shot numerous times in the village of Wauwatosa."
The murdered officer, Jennifer Lynn Sebena, willingly stepped into the breach to protect her community so it's good citizens can sleep soundly in their beds. You can't ask for more sacrifice than that.

RIP Officer Sebeba. Condolences to your family.

AZLawDawg 12-24-2012 14:11

Rest In Peace, Ma'am.

Rex G 12-24-2012 15:33

Rest in peace.

Mayhem like Me 12-24-2012 15:36


Ohio Copper 12-24-2012 15:38


mikegun 12-24-2012 15:44


ditchdoc24 12-24-2012 16:20


x_out86 12-24-2012 18:47


Rest in peace sister. I hope justice is served and your killer is found so your family, friends and co-workers may have some closure.

mikegun 12-24-2012 19:59

:fallenofficer: RIP, There is something very strange about this..

razdog76 12-24-2012 20:12


Gombey 12-24-2012 20:20


golls17 12-24-2012 20:24


Originally Posted by mikegun (Post 19776934)
:fallenofficer: RIP, There is something very strange about this..

It's been bothering me all day. This happened just outside the main fire house. Wauwatosa is a full time FD. I'm amazed nobody heard it, even at the early hour. Even so, that's the heart of Wauwatosa (and very close to where I move next month). How did NOBODY hear it?

Why wasn't helped called? Why didn't they know where she was? How did nobody know this was happening? Sure seems like an ambush to me, either somebody wanted to kill a random cop or somebody knew exactly who she was and where she would be. Either way, no suspects is unnerving. I can't help but think it's somebody she knew, was comfortable worry, and didn't feel the need to tell anybody where she was or who she was with.

Tragic anyways, but on Christmas? Heartbreaking.

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Ftttu 12-24-2012 21:01

Prayers to the family, friends and family of our law enforcement sister. May she rest in peace.

SCSU74 12-24-2012 22:26


very strange...

Sgt127 12-24-2012 23:50

There is something going on....It "feels" wrong.

Christmas Eve. Damn. I remember when I got a call on Christmas 12 years ago. Irving TX Police Officer Aubrey Hawkins had been murdered.

I remember how pissed I was...I wanted to do "something"... but, there was nothing I could do.....

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