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Actionmonkey 12-23-2012 23:28

G17 Suppressor
Well now that I own 5 total Glocks and soon to obtain another one from a coworker who is leaving.....I have the new desire to be able to outfit my G17 with a threaded barrel and soon obtain a suppressor.

Anyone know of any places I can obtain a reliable barrel and good suppressor brands/models? Watching a few videos online have only made me want to get it sooner.


Thanks for all the info and advice!!! :pepper:

rimshaker 12-25-2012 00:50

Got my factory threaded barrels below. Grab em while you can.

RWBlue 01-08-2013 13:27


Originally Posted by rimshaker (Post 19777483)
Got my factory threaded barrels below. Grab em while you can.

That is not the common thread pattern for most American suppressors. The common American thread pattern is 1/2 x 28.

I am looking at a 9mm suppressor in the next year.
The top 4 on my list are:
Silencerco Osprey
Octane2 HD SWR
TiRant9 AAC
Liberty mystic

If this is your first suppressor (or only suppressor) the Liberty Mystic has a lot of advantages. This is not my first suppressor so the other three have advantages.

As far as barrels...
Storm lake
and I know I am forgetting a couple other manufacturers.

Discussion of ban. The last ban did not remove the barrels fro the market, it removed the ability to legally add a threaded barrel to a NEW gun. There is no way of knowing what the politicians will plan to do with the new legislation. AND I don't think it will pass, but ....

RWBlue 01-08-2013 13:29

Being that you will need to work with a local class 3 dealer, that might be a good place to start. IF you find a good one which deals in brand X, then brand X has the most advantages to YOU.

RWBlue 01-08-2013 13:35

Since you will have to work with a local class3 FFL. Finding the local class3 you want to work with is probably the best first step. If that dealer deals in brand X then brand X may be the best suppressor for YOU.

DARKSHADOW 01-11-2013 15:55

I'm running a Lonewolf barrel & a Gemtech Multimount on my Glock 34. With the multiple mount's that they make for it, I can mount it on just about any 9mm barrel.
Right now I have the L.I.D. mount with 1/2x28 for my G34, and also a 3-Lug QR mount for use on my 9mm AR pistol. And I just ordered a piston blocking tube for it wich turns the L.I.D. mount into just a threaded mount, and also a 1/2x36 piston just to have another thread option down the road if needed.

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