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jay1975 12-08-2012 00:39

Gen 4 Glock 17: First Range Session
So I took my new G17 to the range today. It is a Gen 4 model with the new style ejector and the "dipped" extractor. I started with just some Blazer 115 gr, brass ammo, but I also was able to shoot some 124 gr NATO ammo as well. The pistol ran flawlessly with no FTF, FTE or BTF's. The Blazer brass was kind of sporadic in that the casing landed anywhere from 3 to six feet to the 3 o'clock with about one in 15 landing right next to my right foot. The NATO ammo was much more impressive in that the brass landed up to 9 feet away. The hotter round still had a bit of sporadic ejections in that some were as close as 4 to 5 feet away, but all in all, they cleared the pistol well and I never even noticed them while firing. I only fired a couple hundred rounds today and will fire a bit more tomorrow and see how that session goes. It will be with more of the Blazer ammo, so I expect some weak ejections. Although I have trained on, and trained others on, the Glock 17, I never cared to own one since the grip never felt right and I had to work hard to shoot it straight, the feel of the Gen 4 convinced me to give owning one a try. I must say, I am glad I got one, since they are so easy to work on; and now with the smaller frame and larger mag release (thank you), they are easier to shoot as least for me that is.
While there have been many detractors of the Gen 4's (I have yet to see a new pistol not draw the ire of the old school diehard's), I must say, Glock did right for those of us who shied away from the older models lack of ergonomics.
I think a Gen 4 19 may be in my future as a summer gun and I will use the 17 as my winter gun (damn addictive guns).
I think Glock has a winner with this new frame style.

bac1023 12-08-2012 07:10

Glad to hear

I may actually get a Gen 4 someday if this keeps up. :dunno:

Bill Dncn 12-08-2012 08:01

Glad you like your's. I love mine. After approx 800 rounds it's been 100% reliable and probably the most accurate Glock I've owned

hsprincipal 12-08-2012 08:21

Bout 500 rounds through mine with nary a hiccup. Great choice. Congrats!

bunk22 12-08-2012 09:00

Going on 1500 rounds through my Gen 4 G17 without an issue. Both my Gen 4's have been solid from day one. I rank them up there with my old Gen 2 G21.

JabbaNoBother 12-08-2012 16:57

Took my G17 Gen4 out today in the misty/foggy PA weather, only for about 50-60 rounds. It seemed my Remington 124gr HD's ejected very close to my 3 o'oclock. When I ran through the Remington 115gr, that brass would fly out to my 3 o'clock about 3-4 ft away. Here's a weird question, does weather play a role in how far brass will eject (i.e. moisture)?

jay1975 12-08-2012 21:42

So, another 60-70 rds fired today while giving a CCW class (I am an NRA instructor) and more of the same in that there were no issues. Man, I am glad that the Gen 4s came out. I had been skipping out on the Glock goodness for years because of the ghastly grips before. Oh yeah, she is accurate too. 25 meters with paper plate targets (the range we were at wouldn't allow us to shoot closer like we were supposed to) and every round hit the plate with no problem. Ammo was more Blazer brass and some WWB. I did have one brass hit my shoulder while the rest flew true to 3 o'clock, again, 3-5 feet away. Love it. Then again, we were all shooting pretty close to each other, so the brass could have come from my buddy.

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jay1975 12-08-2012 21:51

No, the moisture in the air won't affect ejection distances. Weather affects trajectory, but isn't a concern for pistols since they aren't fired at distances great enough to be significantly impacted. Rifle rounds on the other hand...

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GEN417 12-08-2012 22:42

First off, I'd like to thank you all for your experiences/info provided. I've been lurking around for about a month and decided to become a member of glocktalk. I'm not new to firearms but new to owning a Glock. I pick up my brand new Gen 4 G17 on 12/14 (Fri), so i'm excited to hear that for the most part, all is well. Unfortunately, I most likely won't have a chance to take it out for it's first session until the 17th (Mon) due to my work schedule but plan to go through at least 200 rounds!

jay1975 12-08-2012 22:55

GEN417, have fun at the range. If yours runs like mine, you will be quite pleased. I spent years avoiding Glocks, as I stated before, but I am now a convert.

GEN417 12-14-2012 21:15

Picked my baby up today, I will probably go out on Monday afternoon orTuesday morning. Has anyone had any experience with Winchester white box?

jay1975 12-14-2012 21:58

I have only fired about 20-30 WWB rounds through mine, but they were fine. They hit a little lower than the Blazer at 25+ meters, but still grouped well. For targrt practice or comp, they should be fine. The striker, as stock, hits so damn hard I don't think there is a primer man enough to not go off.

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Blitzo 12-15-2012 08:44


Originally Posted by GEN417 (Post 19736331)
Picked my baby up today, I will probably go out on Monday afternoon orTuesday morning. Has anyone had any experience with Winchester white box?

No issues with my Gen 4 17.

Bruce M 12-15-2012 11:10

Nice to hear a good Gen4 report. Hoping you continue to enjoy your G17.

jay1975 12-15-2012 11:47

I will be back to the range in a few days. I will be shooting some Independence ammo that we got for free. I expect the same old same old; pull trigger, gun goes bang, hole in the black. ;-)

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GCT00427 12-15-2012 17:14

I picked up a blue label Gen4, 17 about three weeks ago. Took it to the range today and it was flawless in 300 rounds. I shot Blazer brass (50 rounds), Remington Golden Saber (17 rounds), Speer Gold Dots (34 rounds), and Winchester White box (200 rounds). I know that is only 300 rounds but I was extremely pleased.

I have 1700 rounds through my Gen4, 19. It had a FTF at around 900 rounds and two FTE around 1000 rounds with a run of Winchester White box. I still think that there were some out of spec rounds but I took it to Smyrna and they replaced the ejector with the newly redesigned one (374?) about a year ago and it has run flawlessly ever since with the original extractor.

I look forward to proving the 17 out over the new few months and years. I do not plan to carry it, just use it as a fun gun and maybe at a GSSF match for my first time if opportunity presents itself.

I also put 50 more rounds through my Gen4, 21. It has run perfectly for the first 550 rounds. The only issue with it was shooting about 2-3 inches high at 15 yards or so. I had added Express sights to it recently and am very pleased with them on this weapon. It is very easy to compensate with these sights.

I am glad to have the Gen4 guns in my collection.



COM165 12-16-2012 06:37


Originally Posted by jay1975 (Post 19711991)
So I took my new G17 to the range today. It is a Gen 4 model with the new style ejector and the "dipped" extractor.

I'm still on the fence about getting a Gen4 G19. What is a "dipped" extractor? I don't recall that being mentioned when I recertifed as a Glock Armorer. Unless this is something they came up with since Feb 2011.

jay1975 12-16-2012 09:57

The dipped extractor is one that is MIM. There is a divot along the top that many call the dip. Supposedly this and/or the older ejector is causing the BTF issue.

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COM165 12-16-2012 11:05

Thank you. I knew of the MIM extractor. I just wasn't familiar with the "dipped" expression.

GEN417 12-17-2012 23:49

Well, I took my Gen 4 G17 out today for it's first test/range session. I went through 100 rounds of 115gr 9mm Winchester "White Box'. Although GT is a great source of info, I was a little nervous at first because of all the issues I have read about.

I'm happy to report that the G17 performed flawlessly! It felt great in the hand, recoil was minimal and there were no issues whatsoever. I've fired a couple of Glock's in the past (this is my first purchase) but this just felt different. It felt....right. I was very impressed with the new recoil spring and the overall performance. I am very pleased with this purchase and encourage everyone to go out and get a Gen 4! (Before they ban what's left)

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