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jamesavery22 12-07-2012 15:22

Advantage arms, can't hand cycle?
I haven't shot this thing yet. Got a decent deal on a used 17 kit so I grabbed it.

Feeds fine by hand but I noticed it looks like the extractor claw is pushed out away from the rim when the slide is fully forward.

So hand cycling is spotty at best.

Is this normal for a blow back rimfire setup?

Range time is tomorrow. Just anxious to know.

Dave.1 12-07-2012 17:43

It should hand cycle without problems. At least mine do. That's how I rack the dud Golden Bullets out of the chamber.

Is there any way you can post a picture of the problem? Usually the extractor sits in the notch in the barrel so the claw is ahead of the cartridge rim.


jamesavery22 12-07-2012 18:53

Picture of the slide closed on an empty chamber:

Extractor is obviously pushed out.

Using Remington 40gr golden bullet pack.

Video of cycling by hand.

If I cycle by hand super slowly there is no issue. If I rack hard then I get the behavior in the vid.

jamesavery22 12-07-2012 18:56

Is there a chance I have the wrong extractor claw?

concretefuzzynuts 12-07-2012 18:59

Just a point. It wouldn't work on my G 22 Gen 3 1999 either.

Dave.1 12-08-2012 07:32


Originally Posted by jamesavery22 (Post 19711119)
Is there a chance I have the wrong extractor claw?

I looked at the AA parts page and they only list one.

When I get home I'll see if I can get a camera and take a picture of mine with a casing in the chamber.


Dave.1 12-08-2012 08:55

I haven't got any pics yet but just got a chance to watch your video and am wondering if your extractor is damaged.

Click on the Advantage Arms link in my post above and see if yours looks like that.


Dave.1 12-08-2012 10:49

I don't really show a big difference with a round in the chamber or not. Just a slight bit of the extractor out on the chambered round.

No Round
Round Chambered

One thing I did notice on your video is that you're holding the pistol sideways. Does it do the same thing when held up-right?

Mine works perfectly when firing, when held up-right and manually cycled but when sideways the round just sort of falls out of the ejection port.

I think firing will tell the tale, but held up-right it should also eject.


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