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GeorgiaGlocker 12-07-2012 13:33

Ham Radio's
How difficult is it to become licensed these days?

ryanm 12-07-2012 13:56

35 question multiple choice test. Not that hard!

ryanm 12-07-2012 13:59

There is a ham sub-forum on here... just not very active.

Blaster 12-07-2012 14:06

Like just about everything else it has been dumbed down.

The Amateur Extra of yesteryear was a god like status in Ham radio. Now any halfwit with an answer book can learn the questions, pass the test and get the ticket.

BSA70 12-07-2012 14:50

I was licensed in 1984 at 14. Even then it was tougher but easier than the 70's. One would have to travel a great distance and actually know electronics.

It is still challenging. Not as easy as some say, you do have to put out effort. IT still filters some people out. I have a friend I would love to be a ham, he would like to, but just won't put the time into learning.

I mainly operate HF CW.


dsalvador 12-07-2012 15:38

Also worth noting that CW is no longer required for any license level.

Geko45 12-07-2012 15:46

Buy the Tech and General study guides together and spend about two weeks of good solid studying on those and then go in and take Tech and General back to back. Tech is a breeze and General still isn't to hard. If you pass General, see if they will let you try again on Extra right then. You might just squeak by and if you don't then you at least know what to expect.

Road Dog 12-07-2012 16:09

Its pretty easy, there is an online site that helps out a lot but I can't remember the site.

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