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1wise1 11-24-2012 00:08

charging (cocking) handle
Mas, my wife has advanced arthritis which has taken much of the strength from her hands. She can still shoot well and load and insert a new mag. But pulling the slide is next to impossible.
The question is, what do you think of the charging or cocking handles that evidently screw mount on the rear of the slide?
One's got a loop on the end that looks functional and solid. Don't know if it's plastic or metal.
Thanks for your time.

Mas Ayoob 11-24-2012 04:23

Haven't seen the loop type. Decades ago, when optical sights became popular on 1911s, perpendicular metal charging handles were brought out to enhance slide operation. However, these were geared for bulls-eye guns that lived in gun boxes, or IPSC competition holsters that stood out from the body, and were never really adaptable for concealment.

A high, sturdy rear sight with a square edge that can catch on a sturdy belt or holster works well for one-handed charging though the shooter must take particular care to keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Some of CZ's pistols have sights high enough that the support hand can use them as charging handles if need be.

With an auto that has an external hammer, earing the hammer back before racking the slide relieves mainspring pressure and reduces the tension the operating hand has to work against. Most striker fired pistols have easier-operating slides as a general rule.

A 1911 with short (standard) recoil spring guide rod can be cycled by placing the front bottom edge of the slide against the corner of a table or counter and pushing the frame downward. Care must be taken to keep the muzzle in a safe direction and, of course, fingers off the trigger.

And of course, there's always the revolver.

What sort of pistol does she prefer to use?


1wise1 11-27-2012 22:50

Wife's preference
She has both a Glock 26 which fits her hand well and a Taurus PT111 Mellinium Pro, nearly a Glock clone but maybe slightly heavier.
Tried rubbing the table method but as you know, that takes concentrated effort to hold the gun laterally against the edge.
I think we'll try one of the "faucet handle" types rather than the loop and see how that works. It can be mounted pointed either right or left which offers some leverage.
If the results look promising I'll report back. With all us old folks joining the sport there will undoubtedly be others with the same dilemma.
Thanks very much. John

1wise1 12-28-2012 15:55

Reporting Back as promised
Settled on the loop style charging handle called "Brass Stacker" from TGR in North Carolina. Excellent choice, wife can now rack the slide of her Glock 26 easily. Loop grips the last 3 serrations on the slide, held tight by a set screw.
Faucet handle types forced asymmetric pull and made holstering difficult. Best stocking stuffer since the MePros. Of course now she wants a Crimson Trace. Some things never change.

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