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Restless28 11-17-2012 10:10

GoPro HD HERO 2 11MP at $199
Amazon and Wal-Mart have the GoPro HD HERO2 for $199. The Wal-Mart item comes with a 32 GB card.

Tell me about these cameras. I have seen some amazing videos and pictures online from this unit, and it looks like it would be ideal for fire photography.

DGreno 11-17-2012 14:48

The gopro's are great for just about any video you want to do. My wife and I just got back from the western carribbean and used ours a lot. It does very well for scuba. I took ours on a wrist strap in the standard case down to about 50-60 feet and got some great video of the reefs and various fish. The camera stayed dry and functional the entire time. Next investiment for it is the dive housing. The new Hero 3 is pretty cool too.

jpa 11-17-2012 16:26

There was a chick who ran the Zombie Run this year who had one on the chest harness. I asked for her youtube username, but I forgot it after the race. I'll try searching to see if I can find it.

G23Gen4TX 11-17-2012 17:49

I have a hero 2 and just bought a hero 3. They are great but do have a few bugs in them. I use them to shoot video at my martial arts school. They have a 170 degree field of view.

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