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Shinytop 11-16-2012 15:20

Beretta PX4 Storm Compact?
Anybody have any experience with this gun?

poodleplumber 11-16-2012 16:20

My daughter looked around, decided on the PX4 Compact in 9 mm, and I bought it for her for a graduation present.

Very nice pistol, with excellent fit and finish. Very soft shooting because of the rotating barrel - less recoil than even my 92FS, which is a noticeably heavier handgun. Accuracy was excellent, and reliability has been 100% even with cheap ammo. Easy to field strip for cleaning, only slightly more complex than the Glock, and that only because you have to momentarily pay attention to the lug of the rotating barrel.

Overall an excellent value. I consider it to be kind of a little-noticed gem among handguns. The only bad thing I can say about it is that not many people are making holsters for it yet.

Shinytop 11-16-2012 19:56

Thank you.

M2 Carbine 11-16-2012 20:03

I've had the full size and sub compact for some time now.
Good guns.

I started to buy the Compact also but there isn't that much difference from the full size.

A coupe hours ago a lady was shooting my Streamlight TLR-2 laser/light equipped full size PX4 in low light.
Every few shots she said, "I like this". :)

ctfireman 11-16-2012 20:29

The storm is an all around great polymer pistol in all sizes & calibers (my opinion of course). It has a great feel, awesome quality, & is super reliable.

cowboy1964 11-16-2012 20:52


chief63 11-17-2012 04:33

Its a solid choice. One of the few semis my wife and daughter can rack the slide.

bac1023 11-17-2012 21:51

My buddy has one and loves it. I have a full size version and its been awesome.

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