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mr00jimbo 11-15-2012 18:00

Are lever action rifles meant to be field stripped?
And when I say field strip I don't necessarily mean in the field, but for routine cleaning. Marlin seems to have the easiest disassembly process. But some of the others, like Henry and especially Winchester, look a lot more complex just to take apart.

I've been spoiled by Sig P226s and Glocks into thinking a gun should be dead simple to field strip. But how is one SUPPOSED to clean a lever action sufficiently? Open action and from the muzzle to the chamber?

Or delicately remove all the screws and go from there?

ctfireman 11-15-2012 18:09

Good question. I usually just clean the barrel & chamber & call it clean.

Nestor 11-15-2012 18:10

Take-down model is what You are looking for.

michael e 11-15-2012 18:25

I drop a bore snake down the barrel of my 22 lever.
My 30-30 hasnt been shot in 15 or more years, given to me 17 or so years ago and never more than a brush down the barrel, hasnt seen 20 rounds from me. Not sure what gramps but threw it in his years of ownin it.

mr00jimbo 11-15-2012 18:28


Originally Posted by Nestor (Post 19635758)
Take-down model is what You are looking for.

I'm not a huge fan of take-down models, I'm just curious how your average lever-action is designed to be cleaned and maintained.

Nestor 11-15-2012 18:48

Can't talk for Winchester, but Marlin is like the Glock of the lever actions. It's just getting harder and harder to find the older one in excellent condition.

PhotoFeller 11-15-2012 18:59

I agree with your point about how easy Marlin lever guns field strip. Just like Glocks. In fact, detail stripping a Marlin is quite easy.

With respect to other long guns, my experience for many years with pump action shotguns was to clean the bore, clean the action to the extent I could reach parts with a rag and q-tip, and clean the exterior. I never even tried to field strip one of my shotguns. My bolt action rifles got the same level of care, except I pulled out the bolt. I still own most of these guns, and they're still in great shape.

If we don't let them get filthy, don't put them away wet or store them carelessly (without a wipedown, in humidity, without ventilation), guns will hold up well for decades with simple, common sense care. Easy field stripping makes deep cleaning easy and fun, but its probably not necessary. I suspect Winchester lever gun owners will testify to this.

vikingsoftpaw 11-15-2012 19:06

I like the Marlin's ability to be cleaned from the breach, with the easily removable bolt.

There isn't much to detail clean.

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