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jim7777b 11-12-2012 11:05

Gen 4 Ejector
Having some BTF issues with all Gens at one time or another. Saw a post recently that said he fixed that with a Gen 4 ejector installed on earlier models. Was I delusional or did others see that? I have never had a Gen 4 in my hand so zero experience with them.

clarkz71 11-12-2012 11:13

Which one are you having a problem with.

I know they have updated ejectors for 9mm & .40 Glocks.

jim7777b 11-12-2012 11:26

Both of them

voyager4520 11-12-2012 15:59

I've seen videos that show erratic ejection in Gen2's so it seems this is something that has always existed in Glocks, but it appears to have become much more common in recent production.

My Gen3 G27 ejected erratically and I fixed it by installing a "Gen4" .40 28926 ejector into the Gen3 trigger housing of that gun, and using a replacement extractor as well. The replacement extractor alone made a tiny difference, but it was still denting/scraping the case mouths of the spent casings and some were still going over my head. The 28926 ejector fixed it, the dents/scrapes are gone and they all eject to the right now.

I'm surprised that Glock has not started using the new ejectors in Gen3's as well. Currently they're used in Gen4's, and you can get them in the newest Gen4 9/40/357 trigger housings. I haven't checked in a while but I know that 9mm Gen4 trigger housings from,, and have the 30274 ejector. .40/.357 Gen4 trigger housings from have the 28926 ejector. Other retailers may have older stock that still have the old 336/1882 ejectors, but again I haven't checked in a long time so most retailers probably have the newest ones.

You can't use a Gen4 trigger housing in a Gen3, so you'll need to remove the Gen3 trigger housing from the frame, pull the ejectors out of each trigger housing with a pair of pliers, then insert the "Gen4" ejector into the Gen3 trigger housing and re-install the Gen3 trigger housing into the Gen3 frame. (Gen1's and Gen2's use the same trigger housing as Gen3's) I wrapped the teeth of the pliers in masking tape so as not to scratch or gouge the ejectors. Also DO NOT try to pull the ejector out of the trigger housing while the trigger housing is still in the frame, part of the frame covers the bottom of the ejector and you will likely damage the frame. You must remove the trigger housing from the frame before swapping ejectors. Here's a thread that goes a little more into detail about swapping ejectors:

You may also need a replacement extractor. Most cases of erratic ejection are fixed by a "Gen4" ejector and/or a replacement extractor. If your Glocks were test-fired in 2008 or earlier, I would hold on to the old extractors because the old ones were investment cast and in my opinion better quality, the new ones are supposedly MIM.

jim7777b 11-12-2012 16:03

Thanks Voyager---I will make some switches once I get new trigger housings. Thanks again. :wavey:

voyager4520 11-12-2012 16:09

If you have an older Glock that ejected fine for the longest time but only recently started ejecting erratically, I would first try changing ammo, doing a detail strip cleaning particularly around the extractor and the slot in the slide that it fits into, and I would try a new recoil spring assembly. It's possible as well that part of the claw of the extractor chipped off or has worn down and you may simply need a replacement extractor.

jim7777b 11-12-2012 16:31

Those things have been done. I don't suppose anyone knows of a place that sells the ejectors only---without the trigger housing?---can I hear chickens?---"cheap cheap" :rofl:

Sid Nitzerglobin 11-12-2012 16:51

I wanna say I saw the 30274 part for the 9mms on for ~$8 + shipping a couple weeks ago but I'm not seeing it there now. Whole trigger assembly is only like $10 but is showing as backordered at the moment.

I just got the 30274 in my 17 Gen 4 this weekend and the combo of it and using 124gr ammo seems to have greatly improved the stovepipe and crazy ejection issues I was having. Still haven't got to try it w/ any 115gr ammo after the ejector swap yet though.

jim7777b 11-13-2012 03:13

I have seen the housings at GlockStore--was trying to get past the "pluck it out" step--for the chickens you know----:rofl:

jim7777b 11-17-2012 03:31

Got my new Gen 4 ejectors yesterday and installed them on my 27 and the one from the 22 ( that is currently configured as a 9). Went to the range with the old 27 and eureka :rock: ---the ejection pattern is a steady 3 o'clock 2 o'clock pattern---straight out at 3 and at 2 o'clock high. Getting the other 3 for the 22/17 the 17 and 19 today. Will try 'em soon. Thanks Voyager---:supergrin:

jim7777b 11-17-2012 03:38

BTW--when I configured the 22 to shoot 9 with just barrel and magazine swapped, it worked flawlessly. When I changed Ejector/Extractor too it went bananas---brass all over. Go figure.

INEEDMILK 11-17-2012 04:20

thanks for the updates

jim7777b 11-19-2012 12:07

Three new 9's installed with similar results---they all make a pile about a foot away at 4:00 o'clock. The 19 was the exception in that it put 2 out the front about 11:00 o'clock and one in my shirt pocket about 7:00 o'clock. Mostly pleased---more rounds down range may help, but overall satisfied--:cool::wavey:

nraman 11-19-2012 17:28


Originally Posted by jim7777b (Post 19623930)
Those things have been done. I don't suppose anyone knows of a place that sells the ejectors only---without the trigger housing?---can I hear chickens?---"cheap cheap" :rofl:

Glock doesn't think we are capable of replacing the ejector only. They sell the ejectors to certified armorers only. If you know an armorer who can order it for you, go for it. That's what I did.

jim7777b 11-19-2012 19:46

Like it says in my signature, armorer quals expired in 2K--and I don't know one around here--fairly new to Kansas--:tequila:

nraman 11-19-2012 19:51


Originally Posted by jim7777b (Post 19649479)
Like it says in my signature, armorer quals expired in 2K-and I don't know one around here--fairly new to Kansas--:tequila:

OK so, what we need is a certified member that can order a bunch of ejectors for those of us who are capable of pushing a small piece of steel out of a plastic part.
I think he will find many customers.
I have enough trigger housings, I can use a couple more ejectors for my Gen 3 guns.

jim7777b 11-20-2012 13:34

OK nraman--got one for a 9 I'll sell ya'. I was at the range yesterday and used a box of Remington Ball for tests---today I took some older Ranger +P+ to shoot up and my old Gen 1-17 would not feed it. Jamming every other round. I learned from another post I made recently to go back to my old electronic trouble shooting method "when something changes, what did you do last?" Took her apart and put the old 336 ejector back in and voila', she works fine.....also went to an old extractor (No LCI) on the 19---perfect!!.......:smoking:

TheGlockTalker 11-20-2012 14:08


Originally Posted by voyager4520 (Post 19623823)
I'm surprised that Glock has not started using the new ejectors in Gen3's as well.

Well.......they're not making Gen 3's any more.

clarkz71 11-20-2012 14:14


Originally Posted by TheGlockTalker (Post 19651966)
Well.......they're not making Gen 3's any more.

Yes they are, my LGS has gen3 guns 19/17/23/22
all with 11/12 test fire dates.

Besides the fact that Gen4 Glocks cannot be sold in California
because of the lack of a magazine disconnector.

Guns made new as of 09 or 2010 cannot fire with the mag
out and a round in the chamber.

clarkz71 11-20-2012 14:22

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