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tabney 11-11-2012 21:40

Noob from southern IN
Hey guys,
I purchased my GLOCK 22 a few days ago. I've been out of the firearms scene for nearly twenty years and have been meaning to step back in for some time now. A friend of mine made me a deal I couldn't pass up so here I am. I'm excited to get back to the range and pick up where I left off. Looking forward to learning from the forum members.

FLSlim 11-12-2012 19:31

Welcome aboard and enjoy the G22.

bac1023 11-12-2012 19:41

:welcome: and congrats

Raven1967 11-12-2012 19:51

Welcome and grats on the G22!

skeeter7 11-12-2012 23:11


Glock40man 11-13-2012 00:55

:welcome: to GT!

mymini40 11-13-2012 02:48

Welcome to the forum!

ca survivor 11-13-2012 17:29


jph02 11-20-2012 19:38

:welcome: from a fellow G22 owner! :)

oily_oink 12-01-2012 10:03

:welcome: From Michigan!

PhotoFeller 12-01-2012 10:11

Greetings southern Indiana guy.

When you get tired of shooting that g22 with .40, we'll tell you how easy it is to change it to 9mm.

Have fun and be careful with your Glock. I suspect you have some wide open spaces to shoot it in your area.

marv 12-01-2012 21:48

Welcome from another Southern Hoosier. What town?

Keyhole 12-01-2012 22:00

:welcome: aboard!

klmmicro 12-01-2012 22:32


tabney 12-02-2012 21:31


Originally Posted by marv (Post 19690444)
Welcome from another Southern Hoosier. What town?

I'm in Sellersburg. You?

janice6 12-02-2012 21:33

Welcome to GT.

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