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billydoo 11-10-2012 17:11

new from the great state of MASS (add sarcasm)
new to the world of shooting. just got my LTC. picked up my first Glock, a 2nd Gen G23. Police trade-in.

i had an M&P 9c briefly, but really liked the feel of the Glock. recoil is nice despite what I have read from others.

anyway, hello! :wavey:

bac1023 11-10-2012 17:41


mymini40 11-11-2012 09:02

Welcome and great posts!

Raven1967 11-11-2012 20:29

Welcome to GT!

skeeter7 11-12-2012 01:19

:welcome: From next door in RI. Very impressive post count. :rofl:

billydoo 11-12-2012 20:19

LOL! is that post count bigger than our current USA debt? :)

Aeromat809 11-12-2012 20:30

Welcome Billy!! and congrat's on the 23 prolly has NS on it already huh?

ca survivor 11-13-2012 18:32


jph02 11-20-2012 20:54


oily_oink 12-01-2012 10:54

:welcome: From Michigan!

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