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CBL 11-10-2012 14:20

New guy in VA
Hello from Virginia. Found GT through some interent searches and liked it so much I thought I would sign up.

Quigley 11-10-2012 14:27

Welcome aboard from the greatest state in the nation!

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mymini40 11-10-2012 15:45

welcome to the forum!

bac1023 11-10-2012 16:40


RWBlue 11-10-2012 17:35

Welcome aboard from Virginia.

Cdoggsizzle 11-10-2012 18:41

Welcome, glad to have you, story sounds similar to mine.

Keyhole 11-10-2012 19:03

:welcome: aboard!

mD5 11-10-2012 19:51

I used to live in Hampton roads. I miss va sometimes. Welcome!

DannyR 11-10-2012 21:21

Where in Virginia? I'm in the Roanoke Valley.:wavey:

carloglock19 11-11-2012 05:10

Welcome to GT!

CBL 11-11-2012 05:25


Originally Posted by DannyR (Post 19618057)
Where in Virginia? I'm in the Roanoke Valley.:wavey:

Thanks all for the welcomes. I'm up here in the northern part of the Old Dominion in Prince William County. I do make my way to the tidewater area from time to time though.

Raven1967 11-11-2012 19:30

Welcome to GT!

skeeter7 11-12-2012 00:20


janice6 11-12-2012 00:50

Welcome to GT.

ca survivor 11-13-2012 17:32


jph02 11-20-2012 19:36


oily_oink 12-01-2012 09:56

:welcome: From Michigan!

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