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Reb 56 11-09-2012 00:32

Finally got back to Texas
Been living in Mo. for about 4 yrs got tired of the cold and the Tornadoes. Just something about Texas that makes me feel proud.

fgutie35 11-09-2012 01:09

Welcome back partner. We missed you!:cowboy:

Reb 56 11-09-2012 08:57


Originally Posted by fgutie35 (Post 19611131)
Welcome back partner. We missed you!:cowboy:

Thanks for the welcome.

Chuck TX 11-09-2012 15:54


dcc12 11-09-2012 20:20

Glad your back. Don't know about you but I'm a Texan first and an American second. Something other areas sometimes don't get.

Paul53 11-10-2012 15:29

I thought something was missing! Welcome back.

MrGlock21 12-08-2012 00:45

Texas is special.
Glad you're back.

robin303 12-08-2012 14:48

:welcome: back

Ruggles 12-08-2012 17:10

No Glocks here, I am one of those damn 1911 guys :), but I am all Texan so welcome back. Now don't leave again you fool!

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