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me_etc 11-06-2012 17:47

Glock 19 Gen 3 ejection issue solved...
I own a recently born Gen 3 (TTL*** 8/2012). I quickly noticed the erratic ejection with target ammo. In particular, Federal 115 gr fmj would eject BTF or top of head 10-20%. It has never had a FTE and no stove pipes in 1000+ rds. So in reading all the discussion and debate about potential solutions, I examined the pieces/parts that have been in question. My extractor is a non-dip MIM, so I decided since this type seems to have less reported issues, I would start by replacing the ejector. It was the 336. I ordered a Gen 4 trigger block from Lone Wolf which they stated had the 30274 ejector and traded out the ejector. (The Gen 4 trigger block is not compatible with the Gen 3) This was a total of $12 for part with shipping. I am happy to report that I shot 100 rds with it today using the same ammo as before and had the most consistent and proper ejection of shells to date with no BTF. :cool: Obviously, plenty more rounds will be necessary to deem it as completely cured, but a good start!

I realize that many people have had limited success with replacing/trying different things, but this was a fairly inexpensive one that may be worthy of being the first thing to try.

Good luck to all Glock owners in their pursuit of Glock Perfection!

SJ 40 11-06-2012 17:51

Your fix has worked for some and then not for others, their seems no one fix for all guns. Although I suspect a in spec properly made extractor would be a big leap in the right direction. SJ 40

Bruce M 11-06-2012 17:55

Good to hear your issue seems to have been resolved.

me_etc 11-06-2012 19:47

I hear you SJ, but I figure if those of us who have issues and resolve them report what they did, we'll get a better idea of what's working and/or where to start. :thumbsup:

SJ 40 11-06-2012 20:15


Originally Posted by me_etc (Post 19599726)
I hear you SJ, but I figure if those of us who have issues and resolve them report what they did, we'll get a better idea of what's working and/or where to start. :thumbsup:

You bet didn't mean to rain on your parade,I'm glad you were able to get it up and shooting.
Now it would be great if Glock would devote some Serious thought to the problem and solve it for every one.
SJ 40

Buckshot Barry 11-06-2012 20:41

We both have a 19 in the same serial number range. Mine suffered from BTF too, but I also have a 2005 G17 that I was willing to swap slide components with.

Would you please look at the extractor pictures in this link and what I did to cure my BTF issues and comment on how your extractor looks.


Glock40man 11-06-2012 21:31


me_etc 11-06-2012 22:20

Buckshot Barry: My extractor is also a non dip MIM like yours. I too had gouges, but not quite as deep as yours. There is 2 much smaller ones in that same corner. It looks like it could definitely be a production tolerance issue. Mine has more of the black finish wearing through, though, possibly from the extra rounds through it in comparison. I'm glad to hear you got yours working! :supergrin:

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