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gregw 10-25-2012 09:19

Gen4 29 Availability?
I am in Kentucky and I have a GSSF coupon I really want to use. I have talked to 2 LE/GSSF dealers here in KY and they both told me I was the first person to even ask about a 29 in 2-3 years and that it would be 3-6 months to get one in. Is there any way to get one sooner? I keep reading about people getting Gen4 29s on this board and I really want one!

ksmedman 10-25-2012 09:32

I didn't think the 29's were Gen 4 yet?
Are any of the 10mm Gen4?

ETA: I guess they are, there is another thread on them.
Interesting, not listed on the Glock website. Sounds like a good pistol if you can find one... Good luck.

msloan71 10-25-2012 13:41

G20 gen 4 has been out for several months. 29 is out as well. My gun store didn't have any last time I called but I doubt it would take up to six months.

edhead35 10-26-2012 11:38

Gen 4 29 and 20s are out. But I have only seen blue labels.

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nitesite10mm 10-26-2012 20:23

Why does a G29 need to be a Gen 4?

msloan71 10-28-2012 20:50

It doesn't "need" to be but some of us "want" it to be. I'm done with gen3 guns myself except for maybe a nice rtf2 9mm

CybrSlydr 01-29-2013 14:50

Damn things are impossible to find in Louisiana. Called 15 stores (literally) and nobody has them or any idea when they would get any. Ridiculous.

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