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Wetboy 10-21-2012 10:23

Slide on G17 not coming off smoothly
Hi, quick query for the experts: on my Gen 3 G17 the slide seems to stick a little when trying to remove it.
I "grip" it at the back to take the pressure off the spring and pull the slide back a few mm.
With the other hand I pull down the two slide release lock thingys.
Now the slide will move forward, but only about 10 or 15 mm then stops. To let the slide move completely off the frame I have to pull the trigger, then it'll come off.
Is this normal?

Aux Bear 10-21-2012 10:26

Yes. Dry fire it first, (make certain that it is unloaded) then pull the slide back slighly, pull down on the "two slide release lock thingys" and the slide should about come off under its own weight.

Wetboy 10-21-2012 10:32

Thanks, I do dry fire it first, and the trigger is "back", however it slides forward about 10mm and stops instead of sliding off fully. Its at this point when it stops, that I have to pull the trigger again (only a little bit, as its already back) and then the slide comes off.

I've noticed that the recoil spring doesnt sit neatly in the semi-circular grove on the barrel. It goes in ok, but after a couple of racks, such as those to check the pistol is empty, it seems to have risen a little though hasnt popped out ever.

David_31216 10-21-2012 18:32

Sounds like you may not be seating the recoil spring all the way in its recess to begin with. Make sure the spring is FULLY seated in the recess.

Certified Glock armorer
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TAKtical 10-21-2012 22:12

That sounds really strange. I have 8 glocks and 3 of them are 17's. Ive never encountered anything like this. Something is wrong. I would try a new guide rod or send it to glock.

DJ Niner 10-21-2012 23:06

Does your Glock have the NY1 or NY2 trigger spring installed? If so, I believe this is normal behavior, as the trigger must be depressed again (or held down) to remove the slide on Glocks that have these components installed.

If you have your Glock case with the sticker, describing the gun, it should say "5.5 lb", "8 lb", or something similar on the sticker. The 8 lb spring in known as the NY1 spring, and there is also another, heavier, spring called the NY2.

Wetboy 10-22-2012 03:04

Ahhh We have a winner!

Yes. NY2 trigger installed!

At least I know this is normal behaviour now. Thank you all very much.

RYT 2BER 10-22-2012 09:24

Do you have the mag out or in.......

Wetboy 10-22-2012 10:28


Originally Posted by RYT 2BER (Post 19543225)
Do you have the mag out or in.......

Always out.
Mag out, lock slide & check empty, rack 3 times & dry fire. Then try to remove slide.

JasonC8301 10-22-2012 19:34

Why NY2? If I had a choice it would be at most a NY1 with a - connector.

But the NY2 orange spring pushes the trigger bar foward which makes the trigger heavier and offers a more positive reset while at the same time adding the possibility of needing to pull the trigger a second time to get the slide off during field stripping.

The standard trigger spring pulls the trigger rearward which explain why there is no need for the trigger manipulation after the trigger is pulled.

Wetboy 10-23-2012 05:06


Originally Posted by JasonC8301 (Post 19545448)
Why NY2? If I had a choice it would be at most a NY1 with a - connector.

Apologies, it appears, after a bit of online research I actually have a NY1 trigger (olive colour) and standard connector.

jbglock 10-23-2012 06:26


Originally Posted by Wetboy (Post 19546873)
Apologies, it appears, after a bit of online research I actually have a NY1 trigger (olive colour) and standard connector.

Still normal. Every Glock I've had over the years with that spring requires you to pull the trigger fully rearward after releasing the slide to get them off the frame. Nothing is wrong with your gun. Be careful of some of these so called "experts" that post here.

Wetboy 10-23-2012 09:51

That's reassuring. I was worried that pulling the trigger back with the slide forward was "a bad thing"
Happy now that its to be expected. Thank you one & all!

ron34422 10-27-2012 14:06

Same problem with my G17
3 Attachment(s)
I'm having a similar problem with my G17 Gen2...when field stripping it is difficult pushing the slide forward until it's fully separated from the receiver...I can move the slide forward with my right hand just enough to pull the slide free with my left hand (after releasing the slide locks) seems to be in a "bind" for some reason...when re-assyebling it seems to bind just when the rear of the slide is about 1/3 of the way on the rear slide rail...
(see photos)...I have no problem with the function of the pistol...any help would be appreciated..

jbglock 10-27-2012 16:38

1. Tried simply pulling the trigger back completely?
2. Is your recoil spring assembly properly seated?

ron34422 10-27-2012 18:18

Yes, the trigger is fully back...the spring seems to be seated properly...the slide moves easily along the rails until it reaches the point in the that point the slide seems to move slightly upward on the rear rail causing the slide and frame to contact each other near the end of the barrel...could the rear slide be misaligned or slightly bent upward?...

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