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kgking 10-13-2012 12:02

New addition
I acquired a G19 gen3 yesterday. It came with night sights, two mags and a Glock holster. I put 100 rounds of Magtech thru it and 100 rounds of Federal and both shot great. When I got home, I field stripped it for cleaning and was surprised how clean it was. I still cleaned it. I generally only use Magtech or Federal. Has anyone else had this same situation regarding ammo?


Bruce M 10-13-2012 13:17

I guess maybe I have been lucky but I have had no issues with Federal or Magtech or any other ammunition in my Glocks. Some is cleaner than others of course. Seems to me the dirtiest I have used is the Tula.

SJ 40 10-13-2012 16:32

Welcome and Congrats on the G 19 !
Some of the cleanest target/plinking ammunition that I have found is Speer Lawman,
Once in a great while my local WalMart will have some on their selfs,priced about the same as Federal or WWB. SJ 40

kgking 10-13-2012 17:03

I will have to keep a look out for Speer at my local Wally World.

Fire_Medic 10-13-2012 17:49

I will second the Lawman from Speer, that's what I looked for the most before I started rolling my own.

Congrats on the G19 and welcome. :wavey:

bac1023 10-13-2012 19:29

Congrats on the G19.

Glock40man 10-13-2012 23:12


MikeG36 10-13-2012 23:16

And I'll third Lawman. Congrats on your new 19!!

PBRLite 10-13-2012 23:23


Glock Junkie 10-13-2012 23:59

I recently purchased 500rds of Speer Lawman 124 gr 9mm for 100 bucks and I think it's one of the cleanest ammo my Glocks have been fed

Ranger45 10-14-2012 09:00

Congrats on your acquisition! G19 may well be one of the best all-around handguns in production (IMO.)

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