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jcookrowe 10-12-2012 22:42

Help please
Okay guys need some help here I was just taking my 23 apart for cleaning and I scooted the slide too far back to take down but the take down pins were still engaged when I dry fired to reset the slide came off and hit the ground so I reassembled and repeated the process but check the takedown pins unfortunately I still slid the slide to far and when I dry fires to reset it the guide spring rod came out the front I took it down everything looks normal and seems to function ok did I screw up? Should I take it back to the store? ...I'm scared 😪

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Outdoor Hub mobile, the outdoor information engine

Butch 10-12-2012 22:53

Sticks out like this?

Butch 10-12-2012 22:58

If so, you failed to reseat the rear end of the guide rod all the way down into the round 'assembly' notch on the barrel lug, and when you installed the slide, the rod snagged on a shoulder in the frame instead of going where it's supposed to go. Not likely that you hurt anything.

jcookrowe 10-12-2012 23:17

Whew 😓 that's a load off thanks guys

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MikeG36 10-12-2012 23:28

Check out these videos. Hope they help.

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