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DaBurna 10-12-2012 20:52

CDNN Weekend Sale... $6.99 flat rate shipping..
Got the e-mail earlier... Thought I'd pass it along...

Glock Mags are still running $19.99
Glock Happy Stix 33round (9mm)/22round.40cal $34.99

I bought another 33rounder and a 22rounder last time around for price's sake

I just got 3 17ronders for my G17 this time around...


INEEDMILK 10-13-2012 00:07

7 dollars shipping?? For magazines?

E-2-E 10-13-2012 05:03

A very crappy special. Nothing is on sale, seems like regular pricing. I don't get the flat rate shipping, it usually is free after spending a set amount on weekends, which varies. As for shipping, $6.99 is still decent for any amount ordered, but free is better. I ordered those G21's last weekend and got FFL pricing so they were even less, great shape too. CDNN is an excellent Co. to deal with.
AIM surplus is a Co. I order a lot from and shipping is always over $9.00.

DaBurna 10-13-2012 07:40

I think it's pretty decent... I agree free shipping is better... But with mags running $28 locally... Buying flare rate SMOKES all of my local retailers. $19.99 is actually sale priced for Glock Mags current pricing, go take a look at Midway, Cheaper than Dirt, Glockmeister, etc.

I buy here from GT members when prices are good, but I've bought from CDNN before. I suuuuuure do miss the OMBexpress days... They ran FREE SHIPPING & $18.99 mags a lot.

stopatrain 10-13-2012 07:49

Sometimes they have spend over $69 and its free.

E-2-E 10-13-2012 08:10


Originally Posted by stopatrain (Post 19513786)
Sometimes they have spend over $69 and its free.

They are all over the place, sometime it's $29.99, $49.99, $69.99, as high as $99.99, but that was every weekend, now it's like every other, plus the freebies are less. I do order plenty from them, and agree $19.99 for mags is a great price.

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