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jack76590 10-10-2012 21:22

different color front/rear tritium inserts

With my aging eyes I need bright tritium inserts and am considering different color front and rear inserts as well.

Specifically, considering meprolight for my G-26. Meprolight seem to have brighter tritium inserts than other popular makes. Also they have option of different color front and rear tritium inserts.

So my first question is whether you find meprolights night sights to be bright?

Second question is what combination of colors do you find best for older eyes? Front is always green, but rear can be green, orange or yellow. I am leaning toward orange, but would appeciate your input. Thanks, Jack

Mas Ayoob 10-11-2012 04:27

Vision is too subjective a topic for an advisor to really address for you, Jack. For me personally, green front and amber rear work great. I know some folks who demand red for their fiber optic sights, and others who can't see red worth a darn and get their best results with green.

best bet would, if possible, be to go to the range and test multiple combinations.

Sorry I couldn't be more help,

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