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jdl2 10-10-2012 14:24

Night Sights
Are night sights worth the additional money?

barres 10-10-2012 15:08

Only if you think you might ever need to shoot in low light conditions. YES. They are worth the money.

MonsterB 10-10-2012 15:13

Absolutely, especially on a Glock. The stock sights are plastic and fairly weak from what I have heard numerous times. Night sights are a good addition to any gun, especialy if you plan to use it to defend yourself. I am one of those people who think a Glock needs only one upgrade, and thats nightsights, and leave the rest alone.

janice6 10-10-2012 15:23

Absolutely.....Mine are fading and I need to get them replaced after 10 years. Just a great improvement over conventional sights.

RonS 10-10-2012 15:44

I suppose it depends on you, your eyes, the use you put the gun to.

On a full size Glock shooting for fun I did just fine with the OEM sights. 10+ years later, when 85 year old men are getting beaten to death in their own front yards 20 miles from here, harder lenses in my eyes, cataracts developing and a much shorter sight radius on a G26 and the stock sights just didn't work. I wanted a wide notch rear and night sights. I love my Trijicon HD sights and would be hard pressed to go back. I though the front sight was gaudy and over done before I shot it. The design is solid. For my eyes the big orange ring is centered in the U notch when the sights are lined up. I can shoot them like plain iron sights using the top of the sights for precise alignment in good light, use the beachball in the bucket for speed or line up the green dots when it is dark. Very happy with them.

faawrenchbndr 10-10-2012 15:47

Trijicon HD sights on my 17.......well worth the money!

buckshotshorty 10-10-2012 15:54

I have night sights or lasers on every handgun I own. I think lasers are even more efficient because they allow you to readily shoot accurately from any position, sideways, up-side-down, from the hip etc. I believe that the very presentation of a laser on a gun directed at a bad guy could be a deterrent in itself.

TxGlock9 10-10-2012 16:04


Originally Posted by faawrenchbndr (Post 19504513)
Trijicon HD sights on my 17.......well worth the money!

This is what I will be picking up..

1RoundEye 10-10-2012 17:27

They're probably a good idea, but nothing replaces a good flash light.

Are you really going to shoot a target that you cannot identify? I probably wouldn't, especially if it was in my house.

M 7 10-10-2012 17:40

Night sights worth it?
I think that they are.

If it helps you make a quicker, more accurate shot why not?

Two Guns 10-10-2012 17:43

I have night sights on all of my Glocks. Yes they are worth the money.

barth 10-10-2012 17:45

First think I get with a new handgun is
XS 24/7 Express Big Dots.

I'm not saying that Big Dots are the end all of NS.
But when you discover whatever sights really work for you.
They become a must have upgrade on any new weapon.

At least that's the way it works for me.

LiebeGlock 10-10-2012 18:03

I love my night sights, My husband has a flashlight connected to his gun. But I asked for night sights because I wear contacts. But take them out at night, so if I ever had to defend myself with out my contacts in, I needed the night sights. I have excellent muscle memory and don't have to look to get my sights aligned, but when you're frazzled, who knows what will happen...

So, I have my night sights and they glow so awesome that I can seem them very well even though I am blind as a bat without my contacts.

Definitely worth the money for me.

NBT 10-10-2012 18:11


Originally Posted by Two Guns (Post 19504893)
I have night sights on all of my Glocks. Yes they are worth the money. of the first things I do (after a trip to the range)...and extra mag's. Trijicon fan here too.

Arc Angel 10-10-2012 18:27

Not in my opinion. Of course I've only been in one nighttime armed confrontation in my entire life; and, quite honestly, after it was over I would have preferred for that big brightly glowing green Meprolight front sight NOT to have been there obstructing my view of the target.

Knowing now what I didn't know then I much prefer an older duller set of, 'night sights' or something small like the size of George Heinie's, 'Straight Eight' night sights. Heinie has said that he put a lot of thought into the design of his night sights; and, personally, I believe him.

jdl2 10-10-2012 20:43

Thanks to all of you for your time and interest in helping me.

Arc Angel 10-11-2012 03:34

:thumbsup: Wow, such nice Internet manners!

(You're welcome!) :)

DaveFJ80 10-11-2012 10:44

If you're shooting in low light areas, then yes it will help.

If you're shooting in pitch black areas, no it won't really help since you can't see what you're shooting at.

If you have a weapon-mounted light underneath the frame, no the night sights will not help as the light will over power the tritium inserts and you'll basically just see "black posts" as your sights.

If it's dark and you hear a bump in the night and need to grab your gun from your nightstand, yes the night sights will help as you can clearly see them glowing, thus telling you where the gun is located at and how it's oriented/positioned.

Those are the main things that come to mind when I think of night sights. That being said, I like them on all of my guns since I find more advantages having them.

ccfdfc30 10-11-2012 22:55

I experience improved shot placement in low light recommend the purchase

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