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G26AZ 10-06-2012 20:07

Just finished watching this series on Netflix. (Its about a group of 6(?) rookies in their first months on the job in NYPD - it only lasted one season, but I liked it).

Anyway, I was wondering if anybody could ID the holsters that the rookies carried for their Glocks? Tehy appear to be some sort of a drop-shank which positions the holster in such a way that ir had room between the grips of the gun and the belt so tha a jacket or other clothes can hang between them. It also seemed to be somesort of a thumb break, but it looked like it has strap that goes around the front (top) of the slide when in the holster.

So, does anybody know what kind of holster NYPD issures to its rookies?


Solscud007 10-06-2012 20:15

Not sure. BUt often shows get things wrong. It sounds like you are describing a Safariland holster.

Due to the jacket thing, it sound like they have an offset.

Something like this.

Bruce M 10-06-2012 20:25 6280 maybe?

Broncs 10-06-2012 20:29

Look at the blade tech lvl III duty holster, your description sounds like that holster. If you need that holster for a glock with an rmr it is made but can only be bought from OST.

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Pops 1 10-06-2012 20:59

It is a Safariland jacket slot model 295-83.

G26AZ 10-06-2012 21:23


Originally Posted by Pops 1 (Post 19492567)
It is a Safariland jacket slot model 295-83.

I think Pops nailed it! Did a Google image search, and found several pics of it. Trying to add a link with a pic that shows the piece that goes around in front of the slide I was trying to describe. Thanks Pops!,r:2,s:0,i:79

Solscud007 10-07-2012 08:14

I wonder what the purpose of that strap is for? And why is there a cut away section to show the closed ejection port?

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